Use Adobe Creative Cloud on Two Computers at the Same Time

Photoshop , Premiere and Acrobat are just some of the many programs that Adobe Creative Cloud offers us. To use these programs, it is necessary to go to the cashier and contract a subscription that varies depending on the programs that we are going to use. The normal thing is that each account is personal and non-transferable, to be used on our main computer. However, we may have two computers and we have to switch the account from one to the other. Or we may use the picaresque to spend less and decide to share the account with other colleagues. What does Adobe allow in this case?

The first thing that Adobe makes clear is that the licenses are individual , that is, a license is only valid for a single user. Sharing the license is not allowed, and if we are caught they could close the account. In any case, Creative Cloud has a series of limitations implemented precisely to avoid these practices.

Use Adobe Creative Cloud on Two Computers

On how many computers can I use Adobe Creative Cloud at the same time?

Adobe CC distinguishes between installations, activations, and usage. Adobe will allow us to install Adobe Creative Cloud, and the programs that we have contracted, on all the computers we want. There is no limit in this regard, and there are no operating system restrictions either.

The first problem is found in activation. In order to use Creative Cloud it is necessary to activate (or what is the same, register) the computer within the server. In this way, the team will be identified and will be allowed to use the applications. Here, Adobe only allows you to activate Creative Cloud on two different PCs . Only these two computers will be able to use the applications that we download from the program.

So can I share the Creative Cloud account with another friend? Yes. And no. Adobe only allows you to use the programs on one computer at a time. If we share it with another person, and we want to use Photoshop, or any of the programs, at the same time as another person, we will not be able to. If we do not agree, we could share it, although we run the risk that Adobe will catch us and close the account by going against the terms of use, those that we never read.

How to activate or deactivate a computer

To activate a computer and allow it to use Adobe CC applications, all we have to do is download the Creative Cloud client, install it on the PC and log in with the account. The computer will be automatically activated with its own unique ID. And from that moment we can download and use the applications on it.

The process will be totally invisible to the first two computers. However, if we try to activate a third computer, we will find a window that will indicate that we have exceeded the number of activations and will ask us to log out of any of the PCs.

Adobe Creative Cloud - Desactivar el PC

We will click on the ” Close session ” button to end the session on the computer we want. We can also do it before installing Adobe CC from this link , entering with our account. Once the session is closed from one of the PCs (or both) we can click on “Continue” to continue with the wizard. This, having a free position, will be activated automatically.

Adobe Creative Cloud - Activar el PC

And we will now be able to access all the Adobe programs that are included in our subscription. If we try to run one of the applications on a PC where we have closed the session, we will return to the previous step in which it will ask us to end the session on one of the PCs to be able to enter from our computer.

Deactivate the Adobe license from one PC to use it on another

Adobe periodically checks that the license is being used legally. And if strange activity is detected, it can be deactivated. Therefore, after using Photoshop, or any of the Creative Cloud programs on a PC, if we are not going to use that computer again, it will be necessary to deactivate the license.

By deactivating the license of a PC, it remains free and will allow us to use the same program on another computer. The program license is independent of the PCs where we have activated the Creative Cloud account. To deactivate the license of a program, what we must do is open said program (for example, Photoshop) and go to the “Help” section to select the ” Close session ” option.

Adobe Photoshop - Desactivar la licencia del PC

The option to “Close session” may not appear, but, depending on the application, the one that appears is “Deactivate”. Broadly speaking, this option works the same. But we can choose if we want to deactivate, or suspend, the program temporarily (to use it on another PC and return to it in the future) or permanently deactivate it, deleting the license key from the PC and having to re-enter the serial number to use the program again.

What happens if I have uninstalled the program without deactivating it

It may happen that we have already deactivated the program before deactivating it from the PC. And, therefore, trying to use it on the new PC gives us problems. So what should we do in this case? Very easy. Adobe recommends us to reinstall the program on the old computer so that, once installed, we can deactivate the application as indicated above, logging out.

In case we can no longer access the old computer, we have two options, either try from our account profile to be able to deactivate the program on the PC that we cannot access, or contact Adobe technical assistance to solve the problem. trouble.