The “hack” of Pokémon GO to hatch eggs without moving

If there is a Pokémon GO trick that users have tried to use ad nauseam, it is to hatch eggs in the game without having to walk tens of kilometers. Niantic has tried to put an end to these “cheer up” ways of using their game, but a coach has found an unusual way to hatch these eggs without walking.

Since the Nintendo game for mobile phones was first announced, the company in charge of developing the game influenced the idea of moving to promote a healthy life and improve the physical condition of its players. The idea turned out to be a success, emerging different games using the same system and causing millions of users to come out of their homes to hunt these little monsters.

The "hack" of Pokémon GO to hatch eggs without moving
However, hatching eggs requires a lot of walking . There are a ton of different eggs to hatch in the game, from 2km to 10km, and even more bizarre ones from time to time that require traveling long distances. With many players having full-time jobs or attending class, there is not much time available to walk miles and miles.

The height, ideal for opening eggs in Pokémon GO

If you want to stay home or hatch eggs from the comfort of your couch , until now there wasn’t much to do but a “hack” has been discovered that “cheats” the game. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to do it.

The game’s subreddit, one of the most popular on the Internet, has seen one of the users publish a message yesterday revealing his latest way to open eggs without pulling mileage.

I’m on the 34th floor and suddenly my game seems to think that I’m wandering all over town from my living room. If I sit on my couch I can hatch a 2k egg in less than 10 minutes. That beautiful!

The reason why this happens is because of the GPS drift of the mobile that is applied in the game. GPS drift is super common in skyscrapers and high-rise buildings. Some users claim that, “in Las Vegas it was quite high and I hatched several 12 km eggs”.

Jugando Pokémon Go con sincroaventura

There is also a way to force this drift without climbing high-rise buildings. It consists of disabling the setting that allows Wi-Fi to establish a more accurate GPS signal to increase drift, but this does not work on all devices.

You know, if you have a skyscraper in your city, go up to the top floors or have a drink (many have bars on the upper floors) and take the opportunity to contemplate the views and hatch eggs in Pokémon GO in a hyperactive simple way.