This game is a vice: guess when a photograph was taken between 1900 and 2022

Since the Wordle boom about a year ago, online games are experiencing a second youth, with new developers making all sorts of projects where you can guess movies, songs, etc.

Now comes a new twist to these short puzzles with ChronoPhoto , the purpose of which is to guess the year in which a series of photographs were taken, which can be from the year 1900 to the past 2022.


Guess the year a photo was taken

ChronoPhoto has quite familiar mechanics for those who play Wordle, Framed, Guess The Game, etc. That is, we will have several rounds to achieve our goal. The difference here is that they are not consecutive rounds to guess the same result, but we will have a total of 5 photos in which to calculate in which year they were taken .


As we get closer or less (allowing us both to fall short and to pass, this is not ‘The Fair Price’) they will give us a score that will be added between the 5 rounds. The maximum for each photo is 1,000 points if we have guessed the exact year, so mastering it enough to try to get 5,000 points in total will be quite a challenge.

Another difference with the games that have hit the most in the last year is that ChronoPhoto does not have the daily reset that is so used. On the other hand, when you finish a game and it gives you the overall score of how close you have been in your 5 photos, you can still restart and play again with another five totally different ones.

If we play on PC, we can use the mouse wheel to enlarge or reduce the photograph and that some artifact or impurity can help us choose one year or another. On mobile phones it’s still playable and can be zoomed in with the pinch gesture, but we didn’t get as much detail.

An addictive successor to Wordle

By changing certain aspects of Wordle and its derivatives, this game challenges you to improve yourself. By playing random sets of photos, you can’t make your acquaintances try to beat your exact score on those five photos, and you can’t start your day by showing off how savvy you are on social media. Of course, the game saves your maximum score , so you can always bite yourself.

At the moment we don’t know much about its creator. Simply that he was surprised to “discover how common inaccuracies were regarding photographic dates.” «The creation of this site has been a very rewarding experience and owes its existence to the help of two very good friends. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do. Thanks”.

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Miss Peace
Yisus, I’m so good at this game, I’ve failed almost everything for 2-3 years 😳 addictive is, yep.
January 24, 2023 • 02:13



At the moment it is causing a sensation and on social networks we find many comments about how people are trying to test their historical knowledge and their visual acuity to try to decipher the year of each photo. If you like the concept, you can already try ChronoPhoto before it becomes the new viral phenomenon and you can say that you were a pioneer.