Become the next Bizarrap with the best apps to produce music

Before, it was unthinkable to think of producing music without having a large music studio full of technological prodigies. Today, at least to get started in the world of production , you can start using your mobile to learn the basics and edit your own songs.

Below you will find some of the best music production apps that you can find for iOS and Android.

the best apps to produce music


This digital audio workstation is extremely adaptable for anyone who wants to start making music on their iOS devices. You will have at your disposal a lot of virtual instruments, including keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, electric basses, electric guitars and much more.

garageband ios

GarageBand lets you use up to 32 tracks in your session, editing your MIDI by using the onscreen keyboard to hit drum patterns, or by connecting an external MIDI controller. No matter what type of music you produce or skill level you have, you can find plenty of uses for it, and Apple‘s free sound library is packed with great stock sounds from well-known producers like Boys Noize, Oak Felder, and Daytrip.

Once you’re familiar with the music production workflow in Garageband for iOS, you can migrate your skills and knowledge to the macOS version, which offers a little more flexibility for serious music producers.

Developer: Apple


Koala is the ultimate in portable samplers . You can instantly record any sound with your phone’s microphone and use Koala to create beats with your samples, add effects and create a beat. You can record up to 64 different samples with your microphone, and if you want to modify a sound or your own voice like using Autotune, it includes 16 great built-in effects.

Koala’s design is totally focused on making the music progress instantly, keeping it in the flow and keeping it fun, without getting bogged down with parameter pages and micro-editing.

It also uses AI to separate samples into individual instruments (drums, bass, vocals, and more) and has a keyboard mode that lets you play chromatically or one of 9 scales.

FL Studio Mobile

Image-Line’s FL Studio Mobile has been on the market since 2013 and its development team continues to support it, adding new content and adjusting to new music trends . This more professionally cut app includes access to modern synths and effects, an intuitive sequencing workflow, and a brilliant graphical user interface that helps enhance creativity.

With FL Mobile Studio you will be able to create and save complete multitrack music projects on your mobile phone , being able to do everything necessary to produce your songs: record, sequence, edit, mix and render complete songs.