If the GPS of the mobile does not indicate well, do this to fix it

There are many reasons why your GPS is not working properly while you are walking , which could be for the simple reason that you are indoors and it is not detecting it correctly, that there is a temporary problem with the signal or Internet connection of the service or that There is a situation that prevents me from giving you the correct instructions.

For this reason, we will tell you about the main situations in which the GPS does not indicate the correct direction while you are walking and what you can do about it.

GPS of the mobile does not indicate well

Point in the wrong direction

At some point you may have found yourself in a situation where the GPS indicated the opposite direction to the one you were going while you were walking, in which case what you could do to avoid getting confused in the indications was to turn the mobile or move the map to turn it upside down so that it correctly shows you how to get to the site. It may also be that you have not centered it because you have moved the map before, in which case you will have to center it.

One of the most common problems that causes it to not detect the signal well is that the compass does not work well and shows you the wrong direction, which can make it difficult for you to get where the place indicates you. Much more if you don’t know it, in that you won’t be aware that you are going in the opposite direction. To resolve this, you will need to recalibrate the compass.

A good idea for this is to use Google Maps, since in the menu you will find the option to Calibrate Compass. Once you hit the blue dot that indicates where you are, you will have to move your phone in a figure 8 as indicated. Then you will have to restart the app and it should work correctly.


On iPhone you will also find your own app to do it, which is called Brújula. You will see the option to calibrate and rotate the ball around the circle until you complete all the steps. We can also do it with Google Maps, since it is very simple.

Combat GPS signal loss or low signal

One of the most frequent reasons why it does not give you good indications is that it does not have a good signal. You may have put it when you have not moved, that you are indoors , in a tunnel or somewhere where objects block the signal from the GPS satellites. Or is it just a temporary problem.

GPS no Internet

If this is the case, you will most likely have to move a little to go to a place where the signal is better, wait for it to go well, or check that you have location activated. Sometimes, this is not activated and does not detect you well. You will find this option in the mobile settings while you are outdoors. If it doesn’t detect you correctly and you don’t know what to do, try to indicate it manually so that it gives you the correct directions by recalculating the route.

It does not detect your location correctly

A good solution for it to correctly detect your location and give you better directions is to turn on High Accuracy Location , which has 3 modes: Device Only, Battery Saver, and High Accuracy. For it to go perfectly you should select the third one, since it is the one that works best when using all the services that you have at your disposal to detect your accuracy.

To activate this function you must do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Security and location
  • Choose Location (if you can’t find it, look in Mode)
  • Check that it is activated
  • Go to Advanced
  • Give Google Location Accuracy

If you want to do this with Xiaomi GPS:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Location
  • Select Google Location Accuracy
  • Gives to activate if it is not selected

precision-ubicacion On iPhone the steps are these:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Privacy
  • Go to Location Services
  • Click on iSharing
  • give to always
  • Check that Precise Location is on

It may seem silly, but if you have a bad signal on your phone or you usually have problems with the GPS not detecting you well and therefore not correctly indicating where you should go, it will help you by fine-tuning your location. First of all, check the compass because it is usually the main reason why the GPS shows you a direction that is not, and this way you can have more precise directions on foot.