Tricks to survive and defeat everyone in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a well-known free battle royale game for mobile devices in which you will find many events to explore and many adventures to overcome. It has a large number of maps and battles to fully enjoy your survival experience. It features training mode, customizable mobile controls, and even voice chat with friends. You will have an incredibly good time in it, although first you will have to learn to survive and kill your enemies.

If you want to survive in the game and not die at first, you will have to design strategies that allow you to do it more effectively and spend the first few minutes in it, something that will be key. Therefore, we give you some ideas and tricks that will help you. First of all, it is essential that you know how the game works and become familiar with it so that nothing catches you by surprise. There are a lot of things you can do to survive as long as possible, which you will discover, these are some of the most important.

Tricks to survive and defeat everyone in PUBG Mobile

Turn the volume up

It’s important to stay aware of what’s around you , so keeping the volume up high will not only help you get the most out of your experience, but will also help you know when an enemy is nearby. You will know it before without having to be so aware of what is around you, although this is also key. You can also try some good headphones if you are afraid of disturbing your surroundings.

You need equipment and weapons

You will have to defend yourself, this is essential. Therefore, you will have to get a weapon as soon as possible. It’s best to find a shotgun or shotgun as soon as possible to aid your squad in battle. Then, you will have to think about how to find the best weapons for combat and power- ups that will help you at the time. Throughout the game do not forget to get smoke grenades because they will be useful in many situations.

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follow your squad

Team up with your friends to get the most out of the game, or figure out how to get into a squad to reduce your chances of dying quickly, especially if you’re just starting out and opting for squad mode or two players. Being a team game, it is best to find someone to ally with. You will be able to do this from the general chat screen when you enter. You can make new friends to make it even more exciting.

pubg mobile Follow your squad and don’t go unaccompanied in the game to try to survive as long as possible in it. Thus, if they have attacked you , they will be able to help you and can even revive you if necessary. Also, if you are all 4, in the case of squads, in an area, the enemy will avoid approaching it and the chances of attacking you will be reduced.

Prepare before going into combat

If you want to last longer in battle, before entering any combat you will have to prepare yourself. If someone tries to fight you, you can back up and keep looking until you have the gear you need. You should have a ranged weapon with ammo , various meds to quickly restore health, and good head and body armor. At least try to have level 2 armor, which is much more common than 3 and will protect you enough.

Also, don’t go into a fight if you’re low on health because you’ll find yourself outmatched.

Control the playing area and look for cover

It is important that you always check where your next play area is to avoid being left out of it, since if this happens you will end up being killed. Therefore, check the map frequently. You will see the area marked by a white circle and the closure of the previous game area appears in blue. There will be a timer indicating the time until the next game area closes.

In addition, it will help you to have controlled coverage areas to protect yourself from your enemies instead of staying in open areas.

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Don’t kill, knock out

If instead of killing your enemy you knock him out, they will come to help you and you will be able to attack them all. Also, if you kill someone and the squad uses their voice they will see your location and can attack you. The best thing is that you act with strategy and see better your chances of attacking your enemies instead of acting quickly.

close the doors

In order to survive more easily, closing the doors of the buildings or places you pass by will help you not to show where you have been. That way, they won’t know that no one has passed by and they won’t go after you. It is a very effective action that takes very little time.

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Be cautious

A more aggressive strategy in which you are going to attack your opponents can work well, but it is much better to know how to wait for the right moment. Both the one in which you are prepared and when you know that you can really win the battle.


If you do n’t attract much attention , you will let some kill others and the rivals will end up going alone, it will be your time to attack. As long as you focus on surviving, especially late in the game.