Google Tests a New Privacy Check Feature for Chrome

When choosing a web browser, Google Chrome is the favorite of most users, not for nothing is it the most used worldwide. However, it is also known as this browser also has certain privacy problems that put our security at risk. This is something that should be unacceptable since it leaves us exposed to hackers, but that in many cases is still unavoidable.

Google plans to eliminate cookies and they will be no longer supported by the end of 2023. By then the controversial FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) will arrive, which is expected to eliminate these privacy problems. After unveiling its new security check, now Google has incorporated a new privacy feature within Chrome 94 Canary’s settings that will take care of allowing users to look for privacy issues in Chrome.

Google Tests a New Privacy Check Feature for Chrome

New privacy review feature for Chrome

The use of cookies by browsers has always been a complex issue that has given rise to many debates about the improper use that can be made of them. Chrome is able to block third-party cookies by default if we use its incognito mode, but not in normal browsing mode. This happens because if cookies are deleted, it causes advertisers to lose money and can also damage websites while browsing. To alleviate this, Google is working on FLoC that will not arrive, at least until 2023.

Meanwhile, the Mountain View company has added a new privacy and security review feature for the development version of Chrome. This privacy review feature has been around for a long time, but it just started working. It reveals all the good it can do for user safety, showing how it will work when run without showing results. According to Google, this function will allow us to “review our current settings to achieve more critical security and privacy controls.”

Activate the new security feature in Chrome Canary

To start and discover this new security function, it is necessary to have the version of Chrome Canray, 94.0.4578.0 or later that we can download from this link . Once we have it installed we must execute it and visit the page “Chrome: // flags”. Later we must write in the search engine “Privacy Review”.

Once the “Privacy Review” function available appears on the screen, we must activate it. To do this, click on the drop-down button on the right and choose the “Enabled” option. Finally, we restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

Chrome Privacy Review

Once the browser has been restarted, we click on the menu and select “Settings” and then “Privacy and security”. Here we will find first on the right side the “Privacy and security review”.

Chrome revisión de privacidad y seguridad

We click on it and a sign appears in English indicating that our current configuration is going to be reviewed to know the most critical security and privacy controls. Click on “Let’s go” and “Next”. Finally, click on Return to configuration once the review has been completed.

Activar revisión de privacidad y seguridad

From now on, the new privacy review function will not verify the settings, but it will suggest that we can verify the cookie settings when we are using it.