Google Stadia Confirms Its Arrival on iOS and iPadOS through Safari

If the arrival of GeForce Now to Apple mobile devices has seemed like great news, watch out because there is more. Google has also confirmed that its Google Stadia service can finally be enjoyed on the iPhone and iPad . The solution will be the same again, although here you will have an extra reason to start using the service and no, you will not have to pay anything.

Google Stadia on iPhone and iPad

Google Stadia Confirms Its Arrival on iOS and iPadOS

After much trouble by the rules that Apple applies to each and every one of the developers who want to publish their applications in the App Store, in the end one of the most embarrassing cases seems to be beginning to be resolved. We refer to the theme of the game via streaming.

As you know, Apple does not want to lose control of its App Store and that is why it does not allow a platform like Stadia, GeForce Now or xCloud to arrive as they are in their versions for desktop systems or Android. The problem is that it doesn’t provide a convenient solution either, because that ideal of having to upload a separate app for each title is crazy.

Luckily, one of the points that it does authorize is to access these streaming platforms through a web browser. There is no problem there and if it is using Safari as such, whose integration with the system is complete, even less. And that’s what Amazon did with Luna.

Well, after the first step taken by Amazon, other companies that also wanted to bring their gaming services in the cloud to iPhone and iPad devices saw the way to go. Just yesterday it was Nvidia who confirmed that it was already possible to access the beta of GeForce Now for iOS and iPadOS from Safari, and a little later Google itself. What’s more, an unofficial browser called Stadium already allowed it recently.

Google Stadia will also use a progressive web application that will run through Safari and allow any interested user to enjoy its catalog and options. In addition, when running on Safari, controllers such as MFi support like those of Xbox, PS4 and even many more recent ones can also be used for a better gaming experience.

Stadia Pro Stadia Base
Price 9.99 euros per month Free
Maximum streaming quality 4K 1080p
Refresh rate 60 images per second 60 images per second
Sound 5.1 surround Stereo
HDR Yes No
Buying games Yes, from the Stadia library Yes, from the Stadia library
Free monthly games Yes No
Exclusive discounts in the general catalog Yes No
Data consumption Up to 20GB per hour Up to 12.6GB per hour

Why Google Stadia before GeForce Now

Now that we know that we will be able to play GeForce Now, Google Stadia and that soon not only will Luna arrive but also a similar adaptation of xCloud, why at the moment Google’s option could be the most interesting.

If Google Stadia is going to have something good, it is that beyond the games you can buy and that premium plan that provides certain advantages, you can access the free plan without paying anything and also enjoy Destiny 2 for free.

Destiny 2 you will already know that it changed its business model and became free a few months ago. Well, it is a very good game that if you are a casual player and you just want to break your daily routine by playing a few games, we highly recommend you.

So, if you have an iPhone or iPad, get ready because between GeForce Now, Stadia and what’s to come, you won’t have excuses when you feel bored.