Best Bluetooth Headphones with NFC Connection

The use of Bluetooth headphones has become more than usual today since, among other things, it allows you to get rid of cables to enjoy high-quality music anywhere. If you are also looking to have no problem with synchronization, the ideal is to look for an NFC model that meets the fundamental requirements.

The inclusion of this technology requires the integration of its own chip, which is the one that emits and receives the information when performing the pairing process. What is achieved with NFC is that simply by approaching a compatible device (for example, a smartphone or tablet), it is detected and a message is sent to synchronize using Bluetooth. In other words, you simply have to press accept to complete everything. Simpler impossible.

Best Bluetooth Headphones with NFC Connection

Luckily, at present it is possible to get models that offer compatibility with the technology that we are talking about without their price being exorbitant. Therefore, if you have a sound source that supports the use (and currently almost all are if we talk about mobile devices, since the corresponding chip is needed to make mobile payments), ideally you should buy some headphones that allow this to make everything as simple and intuitive as possible.

What these headphones should not miss

Obviously, the first thing is to check that NFC is included, something that you can usually know visually. This is because the universal logo of this technology is included somewhere in the case. By the way, if the possibility is good to know exactly where the chip is, because in this way you approach accurately place the back of the smartphone to make the process run … and not have to roam around different places until everything is done.

Logo NFC en auricular

If this is the case, the version does not include here, the next thing is to check that the Bluetooth standard used is the most current possible. The basic thing is that 4.0 is available, but it is recommended at this time that the fifth version be used so that the quality is as high as possible. Regarding connectivity, there are some additional details that are interesting, such as the fact that there is a cable port (3.5 millimeters), since it may be necessary to resort to its use if you do not have a battery.

And since we are talking about the battery, because the headband models we are talking about (since they are the most comfortable) are wireless, autonomy becomes a clear purchase reason. For it to be fulfilled and to not have disappointments, it is key that the 15 hours of continuous use are exceeded . With this it may be worth, but in our opinion if it reaches twenty, better than better, since this way the longest flights that can be performed are covered. Also, if you have some form of fast charging, everything is much more efficient.

More things to value about these NFC headphones

One that is important is that, at least, the diaphragms of each of the two cups that includes the headphones that the NFC has are 30 millimeters or more (ideally it reaches forty). In this way, the sound quality is quite good. In this section, there are other details that are appreciated, for example, that a frequency between 20 and 20,000 Hz is managed and, if possible, that noise cancellation is available.

Chica utilizando auriculares NFC

Regarding the design, you should look for a headband model that is light so that when listening to music for a long time no fatigue appears and, in addition, it is recommended that there are controls in the headphone casing, so that you having to remove the smartphone from the computer (to give an example).

Purchases that should always be valued

We leave several models that comply with not having a very high cost and having an NFC chip inside. In addition, the quality they offer is quite good , so that with all of them you get and a more than correct purchase option.

Sony WHCH500L.CE7

Aesthetically these headphones are quite attractive and, in addition, offer a fairly well-maintained ergonomics. They offer autonomy that reaches 20 hours of use, so they convince in this section, and they do not lack a microphone to give them use as hands-free without difficulty and with solvency.

Auricualres NFC Sony WHCH500L.CE7


Finished in black plastic and with advanced connectivity options, where obviously there is no lack of Bluetooth, its autonomy mark is excellent: 35 hours. At the correct weight for a model with NFC, the opinion of those who have bought these headphones is quite good.

Auriculares NFC JVC HA-S90BN

Srhythm NC35

A most complete model that, among other things, includes a USB Type-C port to enjoy a fast charge that is appreciated when traveling. It includes Mega Bass bass enhancement technology and has something not very common for its price: ANC noise cancellation.

Auriculares NFC Srhythm NC35

Pioneer SE-MJ561BT-T

The design of this model with NFC is different, since it is quite minimalist, but for this reason it is not lacking in everything that may be needed. Its autonomy is 15 hours, so it is well done in this section, and it is possible to get it in several different colors. Its weight is only 160 grams.

Auriculares NFC Pioneer SE-MJ561BT-T

Panasonic RP-BTD10E-K

With a finish that mixes black and green, this is a model that does not lack a microphone to use it as a hands-free and, also, controls in the NFC accessory housing itself. They are loaded through a USB port and the sound quality it allows is quite good since it manages ranges from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Auriculares NFC Panasonic RP-BTD10E-K

Avantree Audition Pro

This is one of the best models among all those chosen in terms of autonomy, since it allows a use of no less than 40 hours. With low latency in aptX connectivity, which favors high reliability, its compatibility is excellent and it has a cable port in case it is needed.

Auriculares Avantree Audition Pro

Philips SHB9350WT

With two colors available, the most striking is white, one of the things that make this model stand out is that it includes BassBoost technology. In addition, it does not lack tactile control of the management of the reproductions which increases the comfort and, in addition, its autonomy fulfills perfectly.

Auriculares Philips SHB9350WT

Edifier W860NB

Of the few models of all the chosen ones that include noise cancellation, allowing no detail to be lost either in the music or in the dialogues of the series. With a fairly comfortable dig and very accessible control buttons, the NFC chip is located so that it is not difficult to use it.

Auriculares Edifier W860NB

Creative jam

With a good quality in terms of finishes and a most striking price, these black NFC headphones include Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, more than enough for perfect compatibility. Its autonomy complies and the use management is quite comfortable.

Auriculares Creative Jam con NFC

August EP650

The appearance of this accessory is quite retro, since its rectangular shape is reminiscent of the models that were sold years ago, and the truth is that it does not look bad. It is a folding model that does not lack a bass enhancer (Bass Rich) and autonomy that exceeds 15 hours, so there are no problems in use.

Auriculares NFC August EP650