Google Chrome is dangerous: 4 much better browsers

If the browser you use on your mobile is Google Chrome, you may have to consider making a change or taking extreme precautions since, according to an Atlas VPN report, that is the most vulnerable browser of the year.

It is something that has been talked about for a while, and in recent times a large number of vulnerabilities and dangers have been found. Also, it’s not what it used to be. Therefore, if you want your mobile to be more secure, we recommend that you pay attention to this information.

Google Chrome is dangerous: 4 much better browsers

Google tops the list of the least secure

To make it clearer in numbers, according to the VulDB vulnerability database, Google Chrome has discovered 303 vulnerabilities in 2022 so far, bringing the total number of detected vulnerabilities to 3,159. It’s not just browser anymore. vulnerable of 2022, but it is also the greatest of all time.

atlas navegadores vulnerables

To say something in favor of Google Chrome, we must point out that the application is updated quite frequently , so that, although vulnerabilities are detected from time to time, they are fixed very quickly.

However, use this or another browser, avoid downloading files from suspicious websites and do not click on links you do not trust, especially if they come from dubious sources.

In addition, you must always keep it updated and pay attention in case you see something strange on your mobile after having consulted an Internet service from your browser.

Alternative browsers to Chrome for your mobile

If you are seriously considering changing your mobile browser because you have realized that Google Chrome is no longer what it used to be, it gives you many errors or it does not completely convince you, or because you want to increase your security, we show you some alternatives to consider.

Opera, the safest

opera browser movil

This is the best option, since no vulnerability was reported throughout the year. It is possible that if it is downloaded more and used more frequently now, some will appear, but it is clear that it is one of the safest browsers at the moment. If not the most.

Opera with VPN is a very secure browser with private VPN so you can browse with more privacy and security. Simple and with many improvements, it is one of the best options at the moment. It has private mode, dark mode and many other possibilities.

Safari, the best for your iPhone

safari navegador

This is also a safe browser, since only 26 vulnerabilities have been reported throughout the year. In the Safari app on an iPhone you can browse the Internet, browse the web, preview web links before clicking on them, translate web pages, and much more.

You do not need to install it on your Apple device since it comes by default, there is no official app on Android so I would better opt for Opera or any of the others mentioned.

Also, if you sign in to iCloud with the same identity on multiple devices, you’ll sync the data you care about to see it on all of them.

Firefox private browser

Firefox navegador

Although 117 vulnerabilities have been detected so far this year, they are still much less than those of Chrome and it becomes an excellent alternative to have on your mobile.

The mobile version of this famous browser stands out for being very private. It features many new and better home page updates, as well as limited edition wallpapers.

Microsoft Edge, faster and more productive

With 103 vulnerabilities detected in the browser so far this year, it is an interesting alternative to carry on your mobile because they are much less than those of Google Chrome and the company works to correct them when they arise.

It offers you greater privacy, control, productivity and a more fluid experience from your mobile or wherever you log in. Synchronize your passwords, favorites, collections and saved data on other devices. You can search visually or by voice, remove ads with the immersive reader and have more control of your data.

What do you think is the best option?