The bank app won't let me make a Bizum. What I can do?

Currently, Bizum is one of the best known ways to make mobile payments in addition to contactless payments with NFC or PayPal. For this reason, you may have tried to tempt him and you have realized that your bank’s app does not allow you to make payments with Bizum.

It is at this dreaded moment that you don’t know what to do, why you have problems paying with your mobile with Bizum and you don’t know how to make it work. Therefore, we tell you what you should do if you find yourself in this situation in your bank’s application.

The bank app won't let me make a Bizum

Do this if the app does not work well

One of the reasons why Bizum is not doing well in your bank’s app may be a momentary situation. Try to try it some more. This may not work well, so you should log out and restart it to see if it works well. Don’t forget to close it in the background and try again. You can also do this with the mobile in case it is from your mobile.

It is worth trying to update the bank app because there may be pending updates, or rule out that it is not a recent update that is not working well with this service. In a more extreme case, you can reinstall the bank app to see if it works.

Check if you have money in the account

When you go to make a payment with Bizum, check that there are funds in the account , since sometimes it does not allow you to make transactions simply because there is no money.

It is possible that you have checked this the day before or you think you have money, however, you have been charged a new receipt that you had or a commission has been applied. Do this check to make sure this isn’t the problem.

Check that your bank is compatible

Although a large number of banking entities work with Bizum , there are some that do not. It is not the most common, but if you try to activate Bizum and you find that it is not possible or you do not see it anywhere, the bank may not allow it. On the Bizum website you can see the list of compatible entities or search if yours is.

bancos bizum compatibles

Do you have it with another bank?

It is possible that what happens is that when you become a client of another bank and sign up, it considers that there is a record with the previous one and you have to contact it to use it again.

Also, the unsubscribe process may take several days and therefore you cannot use it in a new entity. If you have used the service with another bank, the problem could be there.

You may have exceeded the limits

It is not the most common, and you will surely realize it at the moment, but there is an amount limit per operation and day, with a weekly and monthly maximum amount. Therefore, you must check that you have not exceeded the figure.

For example, at La Caixa, you can make purchases of up to 1,500 euros per transaction per day, with a monthly maximum of 4,000 euros. In other entities the limits can be more or less, so check what they are and if you have exceeded . You will not be able to make payments of less than 50 cents.

If you still don’t go, contact

If you do not find the problem, you have tried everything and you have waited a while in case it was not a specific problem, what you should do is contact your bank and explain the problem to them. You can go to an office directly or make the contact online, surely you have an option from your account at the bank.

Although you could contact Bizum here , it is best to do so directly with the entity with which payments are not made from their app.