Google Assistant not responding to 'Hey, Google'

One of the most interesting features of Android smartphones is the assistant, which we can activate just by saying a phrase and completing a lot of tasks. However, Google Assistant does not always pay attention to us , because for some reason the magic words do not work as we would like on the mobile.

To solve it, we are going to give you the keys to the problem you are facing and we will also show you how you can solve it in the best way. A process that is very simple and in a matter of minutes, you will once again be able to say out loud Hey Google, so that the intelligent system can start working for us.

Google Assistant not responding to 'Hey, Google'

Try saying ‘Okay Google’

It is possible that you are continually repeating the same phrase in which you say Hey Google, when in reality in this way the assistant is not understanding you, because they were not the words that you used in the past to configure it. There are two official ways to wake up Google Assistant and the second is none other than to say; Okay Google. With either of these two, the result should be a complete success, it will only be a matter of testing which one you used to configure it.

It is essential to activate the wizard

For all those cases in which the previous method has not worked with the screen on or off, we must focus on the option to activate or deactivate Voice Match . This is usually completed the first time we turn on the smartphone, although perhaps we overlook it and do not pay attention to it, missing it now. Luckily, it can be completed with this simple process:

activar asistente google

  1. We enter the Google app.
  2. We touch on our photo or profile image.
  3. We access the Settings.
  4. We select Google Assistant.
  5. Then we mark Hey Google and Voice Match.
  6. It will be then when we can activate this option.

Google Assistant is rude

Although at the time we taught our Android mobile our voice to respond to the magic words, it may have suddenly started to fail and then it is necessary to teach it our voice again. A process that we can repeat as many times as necessary, until it stops generating so many failures. To do this we follow these steps:

modelo voz okay google

  1. As before, we enter the Google app.
  2. Click on our profile picture and enter the Settings.
  3. We chose Google Assistant.
  4. And now, we enter Voice Model.
  5. Then we click on Recreate the voice model.

Next, a series of phrases will be shown on the screen between which it will alternate phrases that begin with Hey Google and with Okay Google, so that both work perfectly from now on. Once completed, it will notify us that we have completed the process and we can begin to take advantage of it.

Do you have the screen locked?

It is possible that all these errors are happening to you only because you are trying to use Google Assistant without turning on the screen and your phone is not ready for that. Among the wizard configuration we also have a hidden section to give us this possibility, which we are going to complete with these simple steps that we are going to show you.

asistente google pantalla de bloqueo

  1. We return to the Google app to enter its Settings.
  2. Among everything that is shown to us, we are going to click on Google Assistant.
  3. Next, we select Lock screen.
  4. So we activate the first option, the one that allows answers from the assistant on the lock screen.

Once this is done, the terminal will always be alert in case we say the magic words; Ok Google or Hey Google. Although you should know that some advanced options in this way need access to our private information, therefore, they cannot be completed without having unlocked the mobile, as a security measure.

You always have to restart

It may be that we are trying to complete the processes and that all the time Google Assistant generates some problem and impediment to respond properly. To nip the error in the bud, we recommend restarting the smartphone, so that everything starts again and once turned on, everything should return to normal.