How to Create Instagram Top Nine 2019 Step by Step

instagram-top-9There comes that time of the year in which we all have to do an examination of conscience and summary of our year, and enter the digital tools we have for this is the famous Instagram Top Nine, which becomes a compilation with the 9 Most popular photos of our account. Do you want to create yours from 2019? Well, we explain how to do it step by step.

How to create Instagram’s Top Nine 2019

December brings many things: rest days, endless meals, gifts … and a good amount of abstracts in digital format. From a few years to this part there are several platforms that are dedicated to offer us a compilation of our online activity, so that with a few clicks we can get an idea of the music that we have heard most on Spotify, how our activity on Facebook has been or what have been our most popular photos on Instagram .

Precisely the latter is what we are going to help you achieve today: those images uploaded to the posturing platform par excellence that have been most popular during this 2019. In total there are nine that are always part of the summary (hence it is called Top Nine, Top 9 or “best nine“) and once the collage is obtained, you can publish it wherever you want to delight you and your followers – the usual thing, of course, is to upload a post to your Instagram account, but what has been said, already It is in your hand and will.

Top Nine

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To get this summary there are several online tools that are responsible for collecting your photos from your account data. Among them, our favorite (and certainly the most popular options there are) is

The reason? Well basically because it involves very few steps and, above all, does not ask you at any time for a password to access your account, something that we recommend that you never reveal to these types of external services.

To get your Top 9 with this tool this is what you have to do:

  1. Access the website
  2. Enter your nickname or Instagram username
  3. The web will indicate that the process can take a few minutes and that you will be notified by email. Write your email in the box and click on the blue button “Find my top nine“.
  4. Sometimes it is immediate, but if you wait, once your summary is created, you will receive a notice in the email provided.
  5. Access and you will see your 9 most popular photos of the year along with other data: the number of photos uploaded, the number of accumulated likes and the average likes per post.
  6. By clicking on the green “Download Now” button you can download the image to upload it wherever you want.

The only downside you can find on this website is that in the end you are also asked for an email that they keep in their database. In case you do not want to give your usual one, you can do two things: either use one that you use for advertising and various topics, or, instead, once your image summary has been downloaded, go to the Forget Me section of the page itself and request the deletion of your email.