Get the Stadia Premiere Edition pack for free with this offer

It is not the first time that this has happened, but it may be the first time that you have the opportunity to take advantage of the offer that Google Stadia is offering to a good part of the users who enjoy the streaming game service: get the Stadia Premiere Edition pack free for the purchase of a game.

Google Stadia is giving away its controller and a Chromecast Ultra

Get the Stadia Premiere Edition pack for free

Recently, Google implemented in Google Stadia the possibility of using the touch screen of a smartphone as a gamepad. In it appeared a series of virtual buttons and you could enjoy its gaming service via streaming without having to purchase any type of additional accessory.

Thanks to this, many users could test what the gaming experience is like, although it must be recognized that it will always be better with a gamepad and on a screen with a greater diagonal than the one they could have on their computer for example. That’s why the Stadia Premiere Edition pack is interesting.

This pack consisting of the official Stadia game controller and a Chromecast Ultra allows you to enjoy the service in the best possible way on any screen with an HDMI connection. So whatever the brand of your TV, you can play your favorite games. And this is great news for everyone, but mainly for those users who travel a lot and want to play when they arrive at the hotel where they are staying.

Well, now Google is giving away the Stadia Premiere Edition pack. So if you meet the requirements they ask for, you can benefit from it and do with two devices that you can surely then take advantage of in many different ways. Also, just for the Chromecast Ultra it is already worth it.

How to get the Premiere Edition Pack for free

Google Stadia Juegos

In order to take advantage of the offer for which you get the Stadia Premiere Edition Pack, you only have to meet the following requirements :

  • The first is to be over 18 years old and reside in one of the countries where the promotion applies, Spain is one of them. So if so, you can move on
  • The second is to reserve or buy a game or game package with an amount equal to or greater than 59.99 euros
  • The purchase must be made during September 26 and October 11. So since it has already started, it is only a few days before it ends. You will have to hurry
  • You can only purchase one pack per user and up to six per family unit
  • And finally, it is not a requirement, but something you should know: the offer is conditional on available stocks

If you comply with everything and there are no stock problems before October 21, you will have been sent a code that you can redeem until November 21, 2021 for a Premiere Edition Stadia Pack. And voila, with it you can enjoy the service as it should be, with a gamepad that helps to control much better the different titles offered by the service and which we have already talked about on occasion to fully explain what Google Stadia offers.

Taking into account the price of only the Premiere Edition pack and that taking advantage of the offer you are taking a game, it is not to miss this opportunity if you believe in the game via streaming or are a casual gamer.