Get leaf tickets without stopping in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s reputation is admirable. The Nintendo mobile title has served as a refuge for many users who did not have the most current installment during the quarantine period, where players interacted virtually to escape from the situation.

As in any video game of the saga, the beginning can be quite tedious because the player can feel overwhelmed by so many elements. In normal circumstances we only depend on berries to grow the town and get new objects, while in the game for smartphones another differential element known as leaf tickets appears.

Get leaf tickets without stopping in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

What are leaf tickets

This is Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s “premium” payment currency that, despite being part of the infamous micro-transactions, can be obtained for free without going through the checkout. These can be used to increase the number of berries or obtain items or materials of interest for the adventure. Although it is true that there are not many methods to get hold of them, but there are some more useful than others.

Level up

As in any type of game, raising the level of the character guarantees various rewards. In the case of this delivery, one of them is 10 leaf tickets for each time we go up in rank. For this, it is best to remain active as long as possible and carry out the tasks of the villagers continuously.

friends to go-go

On another occasion, this website talked about the importance of making friends in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and the benefits are truly abundant. If you collect five invites to the game, you get 5 Leaf Tickets . The best thing about this way is that there is no set limit. So add every user you find during your trip and take advantage of it.

meet challenges

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp objetos

Challenges are an essential part of the Nintendo game. Mainly, because fulfilling them is not a big problem and you can get various amounts just by carrying out activities as simple as collecting a specific number of fruits.

Link your account

Simply connect your account to your Nintendo profile and you’ll receive 100 Leaf Tickets right out of the box . It is a short and simple procedure that provides a significant amount of this currency, since it is usual to get them little by little. In addition, you should take a look at the MyNintendo website to check the different prizes that you can achieve by redeeming points. Sometimes it is likely that a temporary offer will appear (as currently) of 50 leaf tickets for 0 points , that is, they are yours completely free.

Pay and it’s over

Bayas Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

If you don’t want to overcomplicate your life and you have enough money, you can choose to buy them directly at the Animal Crossing Pocket Camp store. The price varies depending on the amount you want to receive. This alternative is useful if an item has appeared that you crave and you don’t want to wait until you have the quantity marked.