The best browser to get the most out of your mobile’s GPS

Mobile phones have really interesting functions that allow the user to carry out his life in a light way and without complications of a certain type. One of the most useful properties is the GPS, since without it we would hardly be able to reach some destinations.

Today we use it for various circumstances, such as searching for the location of a store or restaurant, checking the distance between two points or simply knowing the way to a specific place. To do this, most users use Google Maps, which includes a significant number of options and information about the road and the route, but there are a large number of browsers, although the best one to get the most out of this feature is Sygic.

best browser to get the most out of your mobile's GPS

Browse safely

The best thing without a doubt is that this application has several features that guarantee the user a completely secure and safe, driving and ways to gauge and improve your GPS signal.

real-time navigation

Sygic navegación tiempo real

The peculiarity of this tool is that it shows the route through the smartphone’s camera. Its purpose is to teach the instructions in an accessible way to the user, such as the distance to the end point, the address and even the time, among others. In addition, it also offers recognition of traffic signs to anticipate them and avoid possible accidents.

head up display

This is a function designed for night driving. Thanks to it, the glare of the classic map with a light background can be avoided. What it does is project travel information onto the windshield at an ideal height for the human eye. In this way, driving at night will be much safer.

control your vehicle

Control vehículo Sygic

Through the instrument panel you can check the status and performance of the car. Its main asset is that it shows data to help the person behind the wheel to drive economically and sustainably.


Its mission is to record at all times what is happening on the road while using the GPS. The video in question is saved automatically in the event of an accident to have reliable proof of it.


Alternativas Android Auto

Sygic is fully compatible with popular smart navigation software such as Android Auto and CarPlay . This is appreciated, since it can be easily accessed through the vehicle’s screen without having to take your eyes off the road.

3D information

The application has 3D mapping to obtain a better location . There are many occasions in which one does not end up locating precisely, but with the help of this type of maps you can know exactly what you are looking for, guiding you with buildings or structures of interest

Find parking

Another of the virtues of this application is the fact of locating car parks and knowing how many spaces there are free. On the other hand, it also detects charging ports for electric cars and reports on the price of gasoline in the different establishments for it.

These are just some of the features of Sygic, which can be downloaded through the Play Store or App Store of your terminal. The rest you must discover yourself. It’s time to make full use of mobile GPS.