Use the GCam to take photos? Save space on your mobile

There are many users who use the GCam to take photos with their mobile. This is due to the perceptible and clear improvement that it achieves in the images thanks to a much more effective processing of these, although for this it is recommended that you fix the camera problems.

However, it is not the only thing that this Google camera boasts, since it includes a fairly large number of functions inside that allow us to bring out the photographer we have inside. In addition, among its settings you can find really useful options that allow you to get more out of this software, such as the possibility of saving a greater amount of storage on your smartphone.

Use the GCam to take photos

Photos with minimum size

The telephone space is one of the sections that most concerns consumers. When one least expects it, the notification of little available storage appears and no matter how many we delete files galore, the problem does not disappear. There is also the possibility of uploading all the images to the cloud to avoid this issue, but with the arrival of version 8.1 of GCam this dilemma seems to have been solved.

Thanks to it, you can activate from the settings a setting that reduces the quality of the images so that the number of photos you can take increases considerably.

The truth is that it is very helpful, since it not only guarantees the latter, but also an approximation of the number of photos or minutes of video that can still be taken. The drop in quality is noticeable, but the photographs will continue to be more than acceptable.

How to save space

If you have already gossiped about the parameters that the GCam hides, it is likely that you have come across this setting. In any case, the process to activate it is not difficult at all and it is enough to access the application settings to find it.

The first thing is to access the photographic software of the American company and then slide the tab in the upper area down. Click on the toothed wheel to enter the settings. Once inside, look in the ‘General’ section for a section called ‘Device storage’.

Ahooro almacenamiento GCam

Next, you will see different options: the first is the one that allows you to save space through various changes that you can check yourself by clicking on ‘Settings that change’; the second can only be enabled if the previous one has been activated and is used to turn off its function when there is more than 1 GB free ; the latter redirects you to the files to rid the phone of unwanted data.

If you click on the button that activates the saving you can check by taking a look at the top of the screen the amount of free space. You can even see for yourself what a drastic change in terms of number of images that activating the setting means. There is no doubt that the GCam is a really interesting application full of properties that guarantee the user to get some optimal photos just by downloading an APK .