Get free subscriptions with Microsoft Rewards

With so many hours spent browsing the internet, it’s worth exploring ways to make this time more profitable. I’ve personally discovered the benefits of Microsoft Rewards, a program that has allowed me to earn rewards without having to go out of my way to do anything special.

Bing or Microsoft Rewards is an especially intriguing loyalty program, offering a range of prizes and rewards. If you’re curious about what they offer and how you can earn these prizes, it’s definitely worth exploring this unique program in greater detail.

microsoft rewards

Get rewarded with Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is an incentive program provided by Microsoft that enables you to earn points for engaging in specific online activities. These activities include using Bing to search the web, completing surveys, taking part in exclusive promotions, and making purchases on the Microsoft Store. By participating in these activities, you can accumulate points which can then be redeemed for a variety of rewards, including gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and even donations to non-profit organizations.

Microsoft Rewards

With Microsoft Rewards, you can easily earn points by conducting daily searches using the Bing search engine. Moreover, there are various challenges and exclusive offers that allow you to earn extra points. Additionally, you can also collect points by taking part in surveys, which typically involve answering a set of brief questions.

Microsoft Rewards has been designed to promote interaction and engagement with Microsoft’s products and services, while also acknowledging and rewarding users for their loyalty and involvement. By accumulating points through the program, users can enjoy additional benefits, including access to exclusive deals, gift cards, and charitable donations.

Variety of prizes and subscriptions

After registering for Microsoft Rewards, you can start earning points for your regular online activities. These points can be exchanged for a range of rewards provided by the company, such as gift cards, Xbox Live Gold memberships, subscriptions to services like Xbox Game Pass, charitable donations, discounts in the Microsoft Store, and more.

Microsoft Rewards

It is worth mentioning that the availability of Microsoft Rewards and the rewards offered may vary depending on the country or region. Thus, it is recommended to check the program’s availability and details in your particular location to know which rewards you can earn.

Other third-party rewards include the following:

  • Robux Cards for Roblox
  • League of Legends Gift Card (Riot Points)
  • Overwatch Coins
  • Foot Locker Gift Card
  • Rakuten TV Subscription
  • H&M gift card
  • Rituals gift card
  • MediaMarkt Gift Card
  • Carrefour gift card
  • Expedia Gift Card
  • TripGift gift card
  • Adidas gift card
  • Apple Gift Card
  • Zalando gift card
  • Gift card Catch it
  • Cepsa gift card
  • Decathlon gift card
  • El Corte Inglés gift card
  • Mango gift card
  • Smartbox gift card
  • Amazon Gift Certificate
  • Spotify Gift Card

The required number of points to redeem a specific gift may vary, but you can easily accumulate points through daily searches while using the Microsoft browser for regular Internet browsing.

It’s worth mentioning that points do not have an expiration date, which allows you to accumulate them over time until you reach the required amount for the reward you want, even if it costs more. Once you have selected your desired Microsoft Rewards prize, the code will be sent to your associated email account, and you won’t have to do anything else.