Charge the iPhone with the Mac, is it bad?

At times, we may have forgotten our iPhone charger and have resorted to charging our device with our Mac. However, we all know that this may not be the best option in terms of charging speed and efficiency. The question is, is it safe to continuously charge our iPhone on the Mac? Could this harm our device’s battery? In this post, we will explore this topic.

Is it bad to charge the iPhone with the Mac?

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In summary, charging your iPhone with your Mac is generally safe and won’t harm your device or battery life. However, it’s worth noting that the charging process will be slower than using a wall charger, particularly if your Mac is running resource-intensive tasks like video editing.

That being said, the Mac operating system supports charging and syncing your iPhone, so it can be a convenient option when a wall charger is not available.


When charging the iPhone with a Mac, it’s important to note that it can drain the Mac’s battery faster since it’s using its own battery to charge the iPhone. This increased energy consumption may shorten the lifespan of the Mac’s battery capacity over time.

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Charging the iPhone with the Mac for prolonged periods can result in increased temperatures for both devices. Due to the iPhone’s lower temperature control capabilities, it is more prone to damage. It is recommended to use official chargers with the Apple certificate to avoid future problems.

Recommendations to take care of the useful life of the battery

There are various methods to prolong the performance of batteries and extend their useful life, even though we are aware that batteries naturally degrade over time. Below are some of the recommendations:

  • Do not carry out full charges daily: To extend the useful life of device batteries, it’s recommended to avoid charging them from 0% to 100% capacity. Instead, it’s best to keep the battery level between 20% and 80%, as batteries work based on charging cycles.
  • Perform a full charge cycle eventually It is advisable to perform a full charge cycle on the iPhone battery at least once a month to maintain its optimal condition. This involves charging the battery to its maximum capacity of 100%, allowing it to fully discharge, and then charging it back to 100%. This process enables complete calibration of the battery and ensures accurate percentage readings on the device.

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  • Cool environment: To preserve the battery life and prevent damage to internal components, it’s important to avoid allowing the iPhone to reach extreme temperatures during charging. If you notice that either device is getting excessively hot, it’s best to disconnect the iPhone from the charger immediately.

To summarize, charging the iPhone on the Mac every once in a while is generally safe, but using a wall charger is the preferred option for maintaining battery life and performance. It’s important to keep the iPhone battery between 20% and 80%, perform a full charge cycle once a month, and prevent the devices from overheating during charging. By following these recommendations, you can help slow down the battery’s aging process and prolong its useful life.