Apps to customize the Apple Watch with exclusive backgrounds

The Apple Watch is no longer just a practical device for everyday use, but also a fashion accessory and one of the most popular smartwatches in the world of wearables. As a result, personalizing the watch face is essential in making it uniquely yours.

While the Clock app already allows for some customization, there are third-party apps that can take it a step further and allow for even more personalization options. Why settle for the default watch face when you can truly make it your own with these apps?

apple watch faces


If you’re looking to create a watch face from scratch, the options are plentiful. However, among them all, the app that stands out as the most helpful in designing custom watch faces for the Apple Watch is WatchMaker. With an extensive array of features and options, WatchMaker empowers you to create a unique watch face that fits your specific preferences and needs.

As if the app’s built-in features weren’t enough, WatchMaker also boasts its own community. Within this community, you can discover a diverse range of watch faces created by other users. If you happen to find a watch face that you like, you won’t have to start from scratch to create it yourself. This added convenience makes the process of personalizing your watch face even more enjoyable. With thousands of possibilities at your fingertips, the options are truly endless.


When it comes to apps for customizing the watch face on our Apple Watch, this particular app is undoubtedly one of the most essential in the app store. It offers a comprehensive range of customization options that enable you to make your watch face truly your own. Additionally, the app’s community is a valuable resource for discovering and downloading new watch faces that have been created and shared by other users.

Once you’ve downloaded a selection of watch faces from the app and saved them to your gallery, you can then further customize them to your heart’s content. This level of flexibility and personalization ensures that the possibilities are virtually endless.


Although it may be less well-known than some of the other apps we’ve discussed so far, this app is by no means inferior in terms of its capabilities. In fact, it offers a remarkable level of versatility when it comes to creating custom watch faces. With a wide range of options for typography, color, and style, this app allows you to add a personal and unique touch to your new watch faces. The possibilities are truly endless, and the result is a watch face that is truly your own.

The level of customization offered by this app is truly impressive, and it even includes a preview feature that allows you to see how your newly-created watch face would look on your Apple Watch. However, it’s worth noting that some of the app’s services do require payment, which may not be ideal for everyone. Nonetheless, for those willing to invest in the app’s premium features, the results are well worth it.


If you’re looking for an app that can provide you with inspiration for creating your own watch faces, or even allows you to download and replicate existing designs, Watchfacely is definitely worth checking out. This iPhone app offers a vast array of options for customizing the main watch face on your Apple Watch.

One of the most compelling features of Watchfacely is the ability to share your creations with other users. In fact, the app boasts a library of over 1000 watch faces that have been created and shared by members of the community. This makes Watchfacely an excellent option if you’re looking for pre-made watch faces, or simply want to explore the creative potential of this unique app.