How to get the Covid Certificate installed on a mobile

On July 1, 2021, the operation of the Covid Digital Certificate came into force throughout Spain, which allows anyone to have a document in which their health situation regarding the coronavirus is known. In addition, it will not only be good to have it to have information on the vaccination of each user, but it also facilitates circulation between the different countries that make up the European Union.

For this reason, there are different ways to have this digital document on our mobile devices. In this way, we will have to avoid having to always carry it with us in case of having it on paper. Well, there are different ways to download this certificate on the phone . For this, it will be necessary to have the full dose. Although, you can also get a document that informs if we have passed this disease or if we have a negative Covid test.

What is the Covid Certificate for?

You may still not know it, but this document, which we can always carry with us on our mobile device, whether it is iOS or Android , is fully operational since July 1, 2021, in this way we can move more easily between the different Member States of the European Union. And, by having this certificate on the mobile, we can accredit the following conditions, and avoid controls such as quarantines or additional tests:

get the Covid Certificate installed on a mobile

  • You have been vaccinated against Covid-19: in order to become part of this group, we will have to wait a minimum of 14 days after we have obtained the second dose of the vaccine, although you can also get other information.
  • A test has been carried out whose result has been negative: if we have not yet been able to obtain the complete vaccine schedule, in many places they will require a negative PCR test or similar, as is the case of a negative antigen test which is included on the common list of the European Commission. Of course, for it to be valid it must be issued within the previous 48 hours. However, an antigen self-test issued in the last 24 hours is also useful in certain sites.
  • It has recovered from Covid-19: it can also be demonstrated with this certificate that a person has overcome Covid. In addition, I argue that more than 11 days have passed since the infection. However, its validity ends after 180 days from the positive, that is, around 6 months.

Best of all, it can be carried on our smartphones for free. And although it can be carried in paper format, it will be much more comfortable to carry it on our phone, as we always carry it with us. In addition, it includes a QR code with the necessary information and a digital stamp that will guarantee the authenticity of the document on the vaccination of this disease.

However, it must be clear that it is not essential for each person to travel outside of Spain, but it will facilitate the fact of moving through different countries, especially EU countries, although no country requires obtaining the certificate as such. Although, in some places they require to have the complete guideline and the document that accredits it to be able to enter restaurants, hotels, etc. If not, they will require a negative test, either PCR or antigen test.

Download it in your PDF and take it on your mobile

As we said, with this document we can report on these last three points. In addition, there are two ways to carry this file on our mobile devices. The first will be through the health app of our Autonomous Community or by accessing the page that the Ministry of Health created for it. Therefore, with these two ways we can obtain both the certification and the QR code that will certify our health situation regarding this disease.

In the case of requesting it at the Ministry, it may take a little longer. However, in the case of the health app in your Autonomous Community, it is usually immediate. Therefore, we leave you the two ways below so that you can send this file on your mobile device:

Certificado Covid Móvil

  • We can download it from the health application of our Autonomous Community: install the corresponding app on your smartphone. After this, you will have to register and in it you will see a Covid Certificate section. Then, download it to your terminal and you will get it in PDF format on your mobile.
  • Get it from the page of the Ministry of Health: for this route we will have to have a Cl @ ve or digital certificate . Later, we will have to access through this website of the Ministry . After this, we will have to follow the steps that they explain to us. Upon completion, we will receive a notification with which we will get a link to obtain the PDF with the Covid document.

With these two ways we will achieve the same end result, get the Covid Certificate in PDF format on our mobile device , whether it is iOS or Android. Therefore, it is a good alternative to always carry it on our smartphone. In this way, we will not always have to carry it with us in paper format.

Add it to your Android Home Screen

Although it can always be advisable to carry it on paper in case we run out of battery in the mobile device. It is a great alternative to carry it on the phone because we always have it on hand. In addition, once this document is downloaded, we can put it on the home screen so that we can easily teach it without wasting much time.

Certificado Covid Móvil

Once we have this file on the mobile device, it can be opened directly in the terminal without having to do anything else. How to find it within the phone’s file manager. For this reason, the best way will be to add it as a direct access to the desktop so that it is much faster for us to open it when requested at any time. To do this, follow the following steps:

  1. Upload the document to the service you use on your smartphone, such as Google Drive.
  2. After this, click on the different options of said service.
  3. Then choose Add to Home Screen .
  4. With this, we will create a shortcut on the mobile.

However, by having the Covid document on the mobile in PDF format. We will always have the option of taking a screenshot of the QR code . Thus, we will always have it in the phone’s gallery and we will not have to add it to the home screen.