GCam functions that your mobile camera does not have

GCam functions that your mobile camera does not have

One of the essential aspects when we get a new mobile phone is to check the quality of the camera’s photographic section. The possibility that smartphones provide when capturing is a determining factor in the decision to opt for one model or another.

However, sometimes it is not only important to get a device whose number of megapixels in each of its sensors is extremely large, because sometimes it does not influence so decisively, so it is more important to look at the tools it brings with it, such as For example, tell you the model of a car or the breed of a dog. The Google camera is a way to increase the quality of your photographs without the need for a guarantee terminal in this regard. The GCam comes with functions that the ordinary camera of your mobile cannot use.

Night Sight mode

The safest thing is that your phone has a functionality called Night Mode whose purpose, obviously, is to offer better results in night images, but the truth is that the Night Vision Mode of the GCam reaches a higher step .

Comparación foto con GCam

This mode is capable of taking very well-lit photographs even when environmental conditions are not ideal.

Take photos of the stars

One of the properties of this Google photography software is the Astrophotography Mode built into the function we just saw. As its name suggests, its purpose is to take amazing pictures of the starry sky.

These types of captures are a big problem for the sensors of the terminals, since the movement is continuous , creating strange effects in the image. With this ability you will achieve a brilliant product.

Super Res Zoom mode

This particularity of the GCam guarantees the option to force the zoom of your device and increase its capacity. The final result depends mainly on the terminal used, but a greater amount of detail is achieved.GCam Redmi Note 8 Pro

In this way, photos taken from a distance will not be so out of focus due to our movement when taking the photograph.

Modify the blur

With the Google camera there is a method to change the intensity of the blur once the image is captured. All you have to do when you have your photo is click on the edit button in the lower area.

Once the tool is activated, it is enough to select the specific blur point and slide the point of the ‘Depth’ bar.

Create 360 degree photos

This function is capable of processing images with a spherical shape. When you activate the Photo Sphere mode, the application itself will tell you how and where to take the photo. This means that it works in a similar way to a panorama.

Photo Sphere Gcam Edited

When the process is finished, your smartphone will take care of the rest of the work. Although in some devices it does not work quite well, showing images that do not agree with each other.