Can a mobile phone case protect you from hackers?

One of the most important elements when we get a new mobile phone is protection . From the first moment we remove the device from its box, we ensure that it does not receive any damage. Sometimes, due to the deterioration of the smartphone over the years, this feeling begins to fade.

Can a mobile phone case protect you from hackers

But in the first instance we vehemently tried to protect our new acquisition. One of the most effective ways to do this is to buy a phone case , as this will resist certain bumps and scratches. However, a basic case will not save you from possible cybercriminals who try to access your terminal data. Therefore, many users wonder if there is a case that protects your mobile from hackers.

Vysk QS1 Enclosures

Privacy on the net has become a fundamental circumstance since the use of mobile phones spread in a disproportionate way around the world. The fact of always staying connected causes hackers to be aware to take advantage of any security breach.

Carcasas Vysk

For this reason, about 7 years ago the company Vysk Communications started a project whose premise was to keep our terminal safe thanks to a housing. This case, under the name Vysk QS1 , was able to keep cybercriminal attacks at bay, protecting our phone both physically and virtually .

How does it work

The engineering experts of the American brand opted for a case that includes a processor capable of creating interference when we speak on the phone, as well as encryption for the calls themselves.

This system prevents metadata from being created regarding any activity carried out with the device. This is possible thanks to the built-in 2200 mAh battery, thus allowing up to 8 hours of encrypted calls , although for this we will have to pay a monthly subscription of $ 10 per month. Of course, it will not prevent your mobile from listening to you to personalize the content.

However, all this would only happen if the other person in question also had a Vysk case at their disposal, so it is quite utopian.

It’s purchasable?

fundas tarjetas movil hackers

It was launched on the market in 2014 for certain devices. Specifically for the iPhone 5, 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5. Later the range of possibilities was expanded. Unfortunately, it seems that the brand has abandoned its bet , since its website cannot be accessed to check the list of available housings. Even so, its price was around 200 euros . A somewhat high figure if we take into account that two people must have it. A similar alternative is Rfid sleeves, which protect your bank cards from malicious software.