Free Golf Games: Best to Play on Windows

One of the main uses for which we can use our computer is to play. For our PC we have a wide variety of games such as racing, action, strategy, sports … Precisely within the field of sports, we find a minority such as golf games. And it is that we will not need a golf course to play the game itself since in the Microsoft Store we will find free golf games for our computer with Windows 10.

If golf is one of our favorite sports, we can enjoy it with the help of different free games that we can find in the Official Microsoft Store. We will find both golf and mini golf games , which can be easy to play, although mastering them will also require a good dose of practice. We can put our swing into practice and finish holes of type, with variables to be found such as the weather conditions or the state of the wind.

Free Golf Games: Best to Play on Windows

Golf Clash, enjoy mini golf with tactical games

We are facing a fun mini golf game with which we can enjoy exciting and tactical games. We will have a wide variety of golf clubs to select our shot well and throw the mini ball as far as possible. It will be enough to slide the mouse to shoot the ball, so we must use our skills to throw it and take it to the next hole. We must be precise and prevent the ball from going far since our objective is to put it in the hole. Although the design of the golf course may seem complicated at first, it will only be enough with a little practice to master it. Try to adjust the angle of the shot and control the force exerted on the ball to dominate the shots and become a top player.

Enjoy the entertaining and addictive Golf Clash completely free by downloading it from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Happy Dragon Peak Games

Golf Clash

Mini Golf Club, golf simulator with editor

This time it is a very realistic golf simulator. It has a perfect combination of highly visual graphics with controls and realistic and easy-to-use physics. We are facing a challenging game that is suitable for all ages. The objective is well known, because we must put the ball in the hole making the fewest possible strokes, gradually bringing the ball closer to our objective. We will have more than 280 entertaining holes , which include dynamic parts, obstacles that move, ramps, sand traps, etc. It also has enhancers such as wind zones or jump zones that help us achieve greater precision in our shots. In addition, it has different levels and even an editor from which to create our own holes.

To spend a large number of hours training with Mini Golf Club, just download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Zoltán Gubics

Mini Golf Club

Golf Battle King, develop your golf skill

If we are fans of miniature golf, Golf Battle King is an exciting game that will test our skills to become a true king of golf. This is an exciting golf simulator that allows us to perfect our putting skills and then take on the world to become an online golf champion . Here we will not find clubs or rules, we simply have to move, turn and bend our shots to get the hole in the least amount of strokes possible. It will only be enough with a little practice to master it and enjoy an extremely fun game.

Playing with Golf Battle King is free and we can download it from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Racing Sports Games Studio

Golf Battle King

Professional Golf Play 3D, play golf like a pro

This professional golf game stands out for having quite realistic graphics, animations, golf techniques and physics, taking into account that we are talking about a completely free game. We will be able to enjoy our favorite sport on realistic golf courses consisting of 9 complete holes and using the international PAR scoring system, as well as a wide selection of golf players, courses and equipment. The game also has atmospheric conditions since we can select the type of weather in real time, with sunny, cloudy and rainy days. We can play in the background simply by using our mouse, having to overcome some inclement weather, as well as the wind factor and the water pond as major obstacles.

If you want to have a good time with Professional Golf Play 3D, you can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: AppTeeka

Professional Golf Play 3D

Mini Golf Game 3D, put your golf skills to the test

Another fun mini golf game with attractive 3D graphics with which we can put all our skills to the test. The game combines eye-catching graphics, realistic physics and easy-to-use controls. Mini Golf Game 3D will place us in a 3D world built with completely customized physics so that we can get a good golf experience, with different sporting challenges to be able to face us. The game is quite addictive and practically all we need is a bit of skill to be able to get the ball into the hole in as few strokes as possible.

Play Mini Golf Game 3D for free by downloading it from the Official Microsoft Store.

Developer: FPS Shooter Craft Games

Mini Golf Game 3D

Real Golf 3D, face the challenge of playing golf

This is a game for golf enthusiasts, as it has a good number of 3D golf courses and scenes . While this is a game that can be easy to play, mastering it completely can be challenging. Based on our hitting, no scores will be assigned depending on whether the ball stops in the circles near the hole. We find four circles around the hole that will give us a score of between 500 and 3000 points or 5000 points when we hit the hole. The moment we reach 60,000 points we can unlock the following scenario. When making the perfect shot we must make sure to see the direction and distance of the wind , as it will greatly affect our blow.

If we want to try Real Golf 3D we can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: AbsoLogix Technologies Limited

Real Golf

Mini Golf Fun, enjoy a different mini golf

This time we are facing a different golf game so far. It is a mini golf away from the most classic concepts . This time we drive Tom and his friends at an amusement park. Tom throws himself into a kind of ball and two of his friends, through an elastic band, will try to throw him into the hole. After a first shot with the slingshot, we will change to an arrow with a power bar, with which we can achieve more precise hits. It has fun 3D graphics , putting at our disposal 4 fun courses with more than 70 holes, with realistic physics and easy to play. We must try to find the shortest way to the hole. The fewer the attempts the higher the score we will get.

Download Mini Golf Fun for Windows for free from the Official Microsoft Store

Mini Golf Fun

Mini Golf Stars 2, enjoy golf on different courses

This game offers us 4 unique golf courses with 3D environments. It has a Putt Putt golf scoring system with more than 150 unique holes , which are updated monthly, with different difficulty modes from the easiest to the almost impossible, reserved for the most experienced players. It has smooth and precise controls that will allow us to feel the greens and sink that birdie putt to earn 3 stars. Each star we get will help us to unlock more than 100 holes and get power-ups for our shots. Enjoy playing on beaches, desert sands and learn to master each shot overcoming obstacles, slopes, jumps and challenging ramps. Although it is a simple game to play, it is complex to master since there are no rules or clubs

Try playing Mini Golf Star 2 for free by downloading it from the Microsoft store.

Developer: Game Masons

Mini Golf Stars 2