Free Courses to Learn Photo Retouching and Graphic Design

Summer, heat and free time are here. There are those who prefer to dedicate this free time to travel or go to the beach. Although, if we are sincere, speaking from responsibility, it is not the best we can do. After what we have been through months ago, and what is to come, the best we can do is act with caution. And one of the best ways to take advantage of the free time we will have by not traveling or going to the beach is to expand our knowledge.

In the network we can find a large number of courses of all kinds. Some of them are free courses, others of payment, some of very good quality, and others because not so good. But what is clear is that we can find a large number of totally free courses, of a very professional level, which have nothing to envy to the paid courses and the online universities.

Free Courses to Learn Photo Retouching and Graphic Design

Then we are going to leave you a series of totally free courses that we can use if we are interested in learning design , be it 3D or 2D design and photo retouching with Photoshop.

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Master the best design tools

Every project has a design behind it . Whether it’s interface design, video game design, and even graphic design for large-scale business projects (like parts), for personal use, or a 3D object design that we can, for example, print.

Thanks to these Udemy courses we will be able to learn to master the best known and used design programs that we can find on the net. We can learn a little how they all work, or specialize in one in particular.

Adobe, for example, is the largest provider of graphic design software. Within your suite we can find a wide variety of programs that will allow us to carry out all kinds of designs. For example, the Adobe After Effects course for beginners will allow us to learn everything related to animation and visual effects quickly and professionally. We can also find other Adobe courses, such as Knowing Adobe Illustrator CC , which will allow us to take the first steps within this software, Adobe XD: Learn to create professional prototypes from 0 with which we can learn to design professional prototypes of websites, applications phones and software, Effects in After Effects for beginners , to learn how to create our own video effects and Introduction to Adobe Spark , which will teach us how to take advantage of the different tools for the graphic projects we carry out.

Other courses that may be interesting for us to learn to master Adobe software are, for example, Learn Adobe Animate CC from 0 , to learn how to create animations, How to create models with Adobe XD , essential to start shaping our projects, Anime Drawing Course Vol. 1 Character Creation to learn to draw in Flash, and finally Illustrator for Newbies! Tricks and small projects in AI .

We will also find other courses focused on teaching us how to use and squeeze other similar design programs, such as:

As we see, a good variety of resources with which we will be able to do almost anything.

Free Photoshop Retouching Courses

Also, if what interests us is learning to master Photoshop, we are in luck. We will also be able to find a large number of courses focused mainly on discovering all the secrets of this great photographic design and retouching software.

As always, you have to start from scratch. To do this, we are going to be able to take different free courses to learn to master this tool, such as First Steps with Photoshop CC , which will teach us how to operate in this program with ease, or Photoshop CC Tools for beginners , which will teach us how they work. all the tools that we can find in this drawing software.

We will also find generic courses that will help us to give a better finish to our photos, such as the free Learn Photoshop, Tips and Ideas course , the Photoshop Montage course , which will help us master this widely used technique, and the possibility of learn how to make sketches with Photoshop for architecture: Sketch Effect .

Finally, the Photoshop CC Master course : Learn by creating incredible photomontages will allow us to specialize in graphic design and learn all the possibilities and tricks that remain for us to learn about this software.

Become a web designer

If the previous design options come to us great, and what we really like is to take the first steps in learning web design, this selection of free courses is also an excellent opportunity to carry it out.

One of the best free courses to get started is Learn HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch . With it we will be able to learn, starting from scratch, everything related to the HTML5 markup language and the CSS3 style language. We will also learn how to create web pages with WordPress using the course My First Website With WordPress, Step by Step and From Zero , being able to easily create and without needing advanced programming knowledge a professional web page.

And if we are in a hurry, the free course How to Create a Web Page in 30 Minutes will explain how we can create a web page from scratch just by dragging and dropping elements.

Learning for free is easier than ever

All the courses we have just seen are completely free. All we will need is to have a Udemy account and sign up for them. In addition, we will not have deadlines to finish them, so we can carry them out calmly.

In addition, we have the option of finding equivalent paid courses that will also allow us to obtain a certification (useful for the curriculum), and establish a direct connection line with the instructor to communicate possible doubts.