How to Use Android 10 Themes on Sony Xperia Mobiles

The customization options are not a strong point in Sony’s mobiles, nor in Android until Android version 10. In this version of the operating system, the possibility of giving a touch of color to the settings was only introduced by the Google Pixel with different customizable styles , something that sneaks into Sony’s mobiles through a trick.

Use Android 10 Themes on Sony Xperia Mobiles

To a certain extent this should be possible in all manufacturers since, after all, they all relied on Android to develop their systems and customization layers, but everyone else has them covered. Meanwhile Sony does not offer it as an option available to anyone but it leaves the door open for curious people to enter to customize Sony mobiles as we like. A valid method for any Sony signature mobile that already has Android 10.

Steps to use themes on Sony Xperia mobiles

Although it is not necessary to be an expert in the field, we do have to be careful to use the themes of the Google Pixel . The method that we are going to explain was discovered in XDA Developers and it offers us through ADB everything we need to give it the style that most convinces us to the Sony Xperia. Once we are ready, we get down to business with the process.

  • First we go into settings and go to phone information.
  • We tap repeatedly on the build number to activate the developer options.
  • Then we go to Settings> System and developer options.
  • From here we activate USB debugging.

adb powershell

The next thing we will do is download the necessary ADB files from the following link . When extracting the folder we only have to click on the root folder with capital letters and right button to access the PowerShell button and thus start using ADB on our computer.

Commands to customize the Sony Xperia

Once we have ADB open and ready to work, we connect our Sony Xperia mobile to the computer and we can start writing the commands that we show you below.

colores temas sony xperia

  • To change the highlighted color, enter: cmd overlay enable <COLOR_NAME>

We just have to change <COLOR_NAME> for: purple, black, cinnamon, green, ocean, orchid or space.

  • To change the icons in the different sections we will introduce the following codes:
    • adb shell cmd overlay enable
    • adb shell cmd overlay ronda.systemui
    • adb shell cmd overlay enable ronda.settings
  • To change the circular icons we will introduce the following codes:
    • adb shell cmd overlay enable
    • adb shell cmd overlay enable
    • adb shell cmd overlay enable
  • Reverting the changes is also easy, we just introduce the command: cmd overlay enable []

In this case we are going to replace [] with the name of the pack that we have used.