Best Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

After using the free and trial versions of Office, you may decide that the Microsoft office suite is not for you. This does not mean that you are going to run out of a good program to write texts or make spreadsheets. In fact, there are a good number of free alternatives to Office that have nothing to envy to the Microsoft suite. Do you want to meet them?

Google Drive

Formerly known as Google Docs, Google Drive is an excellent alternative to Office for all fans of working in the cloud. Google Drive offers the basic tools of any office suite. A word processor (Google Documents), a tool to make spreadsheets (Google Sheets) and a function to create slide shows (Google Presentations).

Google Drive
Google Drive

If something stands out Google Drive is its versatility and ease of use. Since your documents and files are stored in the cloud, you have access to them from any device that you have connected to the Internet. In addition, it allows the possibility that several members of a team collaborate in real time with the archives and thus increase their productivity.

Finally, it is also interesting to underline that when linking to your Google account, this tool is especially useful for mobile phones with Android operating system. Just install your application and you will have access to all your files wherever you are.

If you are interested in trying Google Drive from your PC, click on this link and enter the tool using your Gmail email address. How? That you still don't have yours? Don't worry, getting it is completely free. You will simply need to access this web page.

Apache OpenOffice

Although working online has its advantages, for many it is much more convenient to download a program and be able to use it regardless of whether or not there is an Internet connection. For these types of occasions, we want to recommend Apache OpenOffice.

This tool is very similar to Office, in fact, it offers almost the same tools as the Microsoft suite (a word processor, a tool to make spreadsheets, another to make presentations with slides, etc.) but with the particularity that It is completely free.

For many, OpenOffice is an ideal alternative to Office that, in addition to offering versions for Windows, also allows installation on computers with Mac OS or Linux. And let's not forget that it's completely free!


As the name implies, FreeOffice is a free alternative to the Microsoft office suite. This offers a design almost identical to that of Office 2019, so if you have used a trial version or are familiar with the program, it will not take long to use it as a professional.


FreeOffice offers three tools: TextMaker (the substitute for Word), PlanMaker (the substitute for Excel) and Presentations (the substitute for PowerPoint). All of them are really easy to use and as a strong point, they are fully compatible with any Office file. In this way you will not waste time converting them nor lose the document format.

As you can see, FreeOffice is a perfect option to replace Office. In fact, it is likely that while you use it, you will not realize that you are using a different program. Do you dare to try it? You can download FreeOffice completely free under these lines.


To finish the list, we want to recommend LibreOffice. This office suite is almost identical to OpenOffice since it was created by many of the developers of that project and uses its code as a base. The big difference between both versions is that LibreOffice presents a much more refined and lighter code than OpenOffice. This decreases the system requirements and makes it work much faster.

LibreOffice provides its own version of the tools you'll find in the basic version of Office. In this way you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. without problems. In addition to all this it is totally free and compatible with the main operating systems of the market.

Do you know of any other alternative that we have missed to use Office for free?

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