Extensions that Save RAM Used by Chrome

Given that Google Chrome is one of the applications that consumes the most resources of Windows 10, especially if we install many extensions or open many tabs, Google needs to improve this. So now you are working on a way to manage these resources, something that as we say is testing in the Canary version of Chrome. The function is known as Tab Freeze and is intended to achieve greater performance in the software. What Google does with it is that users configure the "freeze" of tabs, allowing them to decide when to automatically suspend a tab.

Google Speed
Google Speed

Extensions for Chrome to consume less RAM

This is something that will reach everyone in the near future, while we can look for alternative solutions. For example, some of what we can use right now to remedy this problem is using third-party extensions. These are small programs that, as you know, are installed in the browser itself to increase its functionality. That is why we will show you some of the best accessories of this type to save RAM in Google Chrome.

Bookmark my Tabs

To begin, we will say that one of the reasons for this high consumption is due to the use of many tabs simultaneously. That is why being able to manage them in the best way is very important, for which for example we can use Bookmark my tabs. This is an extension that allows us to create custom groups of tabs for all this. With this movement, what we achieve is to improve the overall performance of the browser, since we avoid having too many open ones at the same time.

All we will do is mark tabs to save and organize in those groups and access them when we really need them.


Another of the most popular proposals of this type in this same sense, we find OneTab. This is an extension that also allows us to group the tabs that we have open and group them to close and store them without danger of loss. Thus, when we need them, either in the same session or any other day, we can access them instantly. This will also save us RAM by having less content of this type open.


The Great Suspender

This is another user-friendly extension that allows us to save RAM in Chrome. Its operation is based on the fact that when we stop using a tab for a while, it is suspended on its own. This translates into the corresponding RAM savings, suspension that we can customize based on our preferences. In the same way we can create a list with those pages to which we wish this does not affect.

Group Your Tabs

And we keep trying to save RAM by making more suitable use of the so widespread tabs in Chrome. In this case we present another extension that will allow you to group the tabs that we have open in groups depending on several parameters. We say this because we can create personal groups by domain, search results, or by grouping those that we do not usually use. In this way we avoid having open content that we do not need at that time and that we can use later.

Tabs Outliner

This is another extension that will be very helpful in the tasks at hand. Specifically, it is an add-on that acts as a tab and session manager. At the same time, it offers us a series of functions that help us greatly reduce the number of open tabs, with the consequent saving of resources that all this entails.

Session Buddy

And we will end with another interesting proposal that will allow us to save our team's RAM by making use of Google Chrome. For this we will try the add-on called Session Buddy, a small program that helps us manage browser tabs, and bookmarks. In this way we will have the possibility to save the tabs that we have open at that time to access them later.

In the same way, it will allow us to order these elements of which we speak to you depending, for example, on the subject to which they belong.