Forget cash, Bizum or Paypal, this Wallapop feature makes payments easy

As the economy in general is in these times, those applications and platforms related to the purchase and sale of second-hand do not stop growing. A clear example of all this can be found in the popular Wallapop that surely most of you already know and use.

We tell you all this because it is more than likely that many of you have the Wallapop application currently installed on your mobile device. This is a proposal that offers us the advantage of locating products of all kinds for sale within our area. Likewise, we have the possibility of putting ourselves what we no longer want, also for sale, so that our neighbors can make us an offer.

this Wallapop feature makes payments easy

Obviously we can also expand the search range to find products much further away. What happens with these types of platforms is that many fear scams or certain problems when making or receiving payments. It is precisely for all this that the second-hand platform itself tries to make things as easy as possible for us. When sending or receiving non-face-to-face products, Wallapop itself offers us its own functionality, such as the one we find in the Post Office.

What sets many back when using this buying and selling service is paying in person. At first there should be no problems , but we already know that there are users who try to take advantage of others in this type of application. Generally, a multitude of regular Wallapop users, when they reach an agreement with another person, use well-known platforms such as Bizum or Paypal to pay. Not to mention the cash, of course.

Pay and receive payments with more security in Wallapop

However, now the platform we are talking about here offers us a useful function that will allow us to forget about those other payment methods, and about cash. Basically, what we can now do is use the internal wallet that the mobile application itself offers us in order to carry out economic transactions directly from these devices.

pagos Wallapop

Actually, what we do is add money to our personal wallet from the Wallapop account to make person-to-person payments. To benefit from all this and once we have added a balance to this portfolio, we will only have to indicate the exact price of the transaction before paying. Obviously we must have sufficient balance to cover that payment.

Once we have established the cost of the product, a QR code will appear on the screen for the other person to scan and thus transfer the money from one account to another . Here we can also use a bank card that we have previously added. But at this point, the most interesting thing is that we have the possibility of paying a part through the aforementioned wallet using a QR code , and another part with a card.

Obviously, and using this direct payment method when using the Wallapop service, for example, we avoid the use, sometimes uncomfortable, of payments with cash.