The 4 private search engines that I use every day

Privacy and security on the Internet are increasingly important elements and that users take more into consideration. This is something that first of all affects the search engines we use, where without a doubt Google is not the best option in this regard.

Surely many of you already know first-hand that we usually start our sessions with the computer by doing Google searches. In fact, this is a page that has become the initial page when we start the corresponding web browser to start working from it in many cases. The power and reliability of this search engine that we are talking about is beyond any doubt, another thing is the privacy that it offers us.

4 private search engines

And it is that as with many other platforms and services of this search giant, the company itself monitors almost everything we do on the internet. Obviously this is something that directly affects your search engine , which we could consider as your flagship. Therefore, all those who want to take maximum care of their privacy on the Internet, to forget about these monitoring and spying , should try other alternatives.

Next, we are going to help you in this regard thanks to a series of alternative and private search engines that can replace Google.

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In the first place, we find ourselves with one of the highest representatives in terms of the private search engine sector . At the moment, it holds around 10 million daily searches and, as with the aforementioned Google, it is characterized by its simple design. In addition, it does not have advertising and we have the possibility of accessing it through its official website or using it from an extension that we install in the browser. Obviously it does not do any kind of tracking or share our search data.


This is another alternative proposal to Google that has been with us for more than two decades and is used by many users around the globe who seek privacy . It is worth mentioning that this search engine uses the same search results as the one mentioned above, but without saving any user data or sharing anything with third parties . In turn, it should be noted that this proposal proposes various filters to facilitate and customize searches.


With also a good number of years behind it, here we are talking about another search engine that, in addition to offering us privacy, tries to take care of the environment . In this case, it is worth knowing that this is a search engine that uses the Microsoft Bing engine and uses all its income to take care of the environment. At the moment it is used by more than 20 million users and they do not share any type of information about them. Note that it also has an application that we can install on our mobile terminal .


Likewise, focused on offering us all the privacy we need when browsing the internet, this is a search engine of French origin that is very easy to use and does not record any activity from its users . At the same time, it does not share the data of our searches with third-party companies either. To say that it has various categories in order to filter and optimize the use of the search engine as best as possible.