The video I uploaded to YouTube looks bad or in poor quality, what do I do now?

One of the great advantages offered by the popular online video service, YouTube , is that any of us can become a content creator. Later we will be able to publish them for the rest of the world to enjoy on this website, which is one of the most visited on the Internet.

Obviously that does not mean that we are going to have a great acceptance and thousands or millions of followers, at least initially. With everything and with this, a growing number of users are embarking on an adventure to try to become successful youtubers. The video platform itself offers us everything we need so that we will at least try. From there, and to gain followers, other very important elements come into play.

The video I uploaded to YouTube looks bad

Here we refer to aspects such as the quality of our content, its originality, our way of presenting it, the elements used, the theme , and much more. To all this we must add that in most cases it is advisable to use components such as a good quality webcam or microphone . This will always be a point in our favor when others view our video content. As it could not be otherwise at this time, it is best to upload videos in high definition, such as 4K.

However, on certain occasions we may notice that the quality of the content we have uploaded does not correspond to what can actually be played on YouTube. This is a fairly common error faced by a multitude of content creators on this streaming portal. Therefore, now we are going to tell you what you can do to solve this failure that could be considered serious.

Why do my videos look bad when uploaded to YouTube?

It is clear that if we have bought a series of hardware devices to try to make our videos on the Google platform look as good as possible, and they look bad, we have a problem. Also, this is something that practically no one is going to like. We are referring to the situation in which, for example, we upload content in 4K and it is displayed at a much lower resolution.

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Well, at this point, the first thing we must take into consideration is that the portal we are referring to here owned by Google takes a while to process that content. This is something that becomes especially evident when we upload videos at these high resolutions, which can take several hours. Actually, what we want to tell you is that in the first place the platform processes the video in low quality , which is what we can play at first, hence it looks bad.

All this means that those contents that we have uploaded in 1080p or 4K quality, for example, sometimes take up to several hours to be available at those qualities. This means that until they are completely processed, they cannot be seen except in lower resolutions. This is something quite common, so let’s not think that it is something specific in our account.

One of the most effective solutions in this case that the platform itself proposes is to upload the content as hidden . Once it has been processed to all resolutions including the highest ones, we can make it public.