How to force restart the mobile if it does not turn off

Believe it or not, a lot can happen to our mobile. The battery is draining abnormally, performance is compromised, or the camera malfunctions. However, the worst that can happen to the device in which we have invested hundreds of euros is that the phone screen does not respond when touched or, directly, that the terminal locks while you use an application.

force restart the mobile if it does not turn off

For a long time, when smartphones boasted extrapolar batteries, solving this error was as simple as removing the rear cover of the terminal, removing the battery, waiting a few seconds, putting it back in and turning it on again. This “manual restart” of the mobile is not possible today due to the unibody design of most devices that are marketed today. Luckily, you can force the phone to restart to fix the problems without going through a factory reset. This reboot will only kill corrupt or invalid files.

You won’t erase anything

If you are afraid to do it, it is important to keep in mind that exactly what we are going to do with our phone will not be a factory reset at all . That is, we will not leave our Android at its initial values at any time, and much less will we end up deleting the data from the terminal by forcing it to restart.

tiempo reiniciar movil

Basically, if you do not know what a factory reset is, it is when we completely delete all the data from our device and start from scratch. While, in the case that we are going to explain to you step by step below, what we will do is sometimes referred to as a ‘complete reset’.

We will be doing the same as when we decided to turn off the phone and turn it on later. However, there are different occasions that, as we said, a specific error in the smartphone system can lead to it being frozen in such a way that the terminal panel does not respond. And, to solve it, we will have to end up restarting it on our own manually. But don’t worry, because this process is harmless .

The classic method to force it

If the lock button reacts, you are in luck as this will allow you to turn off the mobile or restart it by selecting any of the options on the screen that are displayed when you press the on / off button. However… What happens when none of the buttons on the smartphone work?

Forzar reinicio en Android

If your phone has stopped unexpectedly, does not respond to any command or has been blocked with an application, you can force the restart of the mobile by pressing and holding the volume down button and the power button at the same time . Depending on the brand, you will have to wait a few seconds or so, but just press them until the screen turns off and the Android logo appears on the screen, making it clear that the smartphone has been turned off and turned on again. Holding down only one of the volume buttons could make you enter some alternative modes, such as download mode or smartphone recovery mode, which, for now, will not solve the problem.

This will cause that, if the failure of the phone is located in the software or in a specific application, it will restart to correct this type of errors. When it turns on again you will be able to use it normally and detect if the problem recurs when doing something in particular, such as opening a certain app. If so, you will need to uninstall it and download it again.

What if it doesn’t work?

If you can’t force restart , plug in the terminal with the original charger, leave it charging for 30 minutes, and try again. This will eliminate potential battery-related problems. If not even with those you get the mobile to work correctly, we recommend making a backup of everything you can on your phone. Although, if you cannot access it, we will tell you how to do it remotely later, since you will have to factory restore the smartphone. So you have to be aware that you are going to lose the data hosted on it.

This method is not as effective as it used to be a few years ago when we could easily do it on devices where the back cover could be removed quickly, but it can still be applied to some terminals. If the Android that we have in our possession has a removable battery , we will simply have to remove this component to restart it. A bit rough, but one that will be quite effective at all times. We just have to carefully remove the back cover and remove it. Then wait a few seconds and put it back. Finally, we will have to turn on the mobile as we normally would.

Batería móvil

However, we always have an asset. Well, rather it will be that we have more patience. And we have one more letter at our disposal so that the phone turns off by itself. Basically, what we will have to do is wait for the battery to end up draining at one point or another. This, however, can be extended depending on whether or not the screen has stayed on. Well, the consumption will be greater or less, although it will also depend on the useful life of this component of our mobile.

If all else fails …

In the event that nothing works or we are tired of waiting for the phone’s battery to drain, we will move to a more extreme method. That is, we will proceed to format the mobile because we cannot make it respond in any of the above ways. Although, first we recommend connecting your smartphone to a computer and transferring all the images and files so that you do not lose anything. But, if you had the automatic update activated in Google One, you have nothing to fear.

Therefore, we must move on to using an alternative method. To achieve this, we must do it from the Google Find My Device tool. Once we enter this page from another phone, we will have to log in to Google, but it will be very important that we do so with the same account that we have on the smartphone that has been completely ‘ hung ‘.

Later, when we are inside, we must click on the option ‘Delete data from the device’. In this way, we will achieve a complete reset of the terminal. So once it completes, it should be back to normal.