How to fix the vibration problems of the Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi Band is full of advantages that make it a highly recommended bracelet, but nevertheless it also presents some failures at the most opportune moment with key functions. If we have activated the notifications and the vibration of the bracelet, we can be informed the second of what is happening on our mobile without having to take it out of the pocket, except when it fails.

One of the main functions of the different Xiaomi Mi Band that exist is based on the fact that while it is controlling our physical activity, it can be synchronized with our smartphone to show us the most important notifications such as incoming calls, text messages or WhatsApp notifications.

fix the vibration problems of the Mi Band

This slight vibration will make us aware of anything relevant that happens on our mobile without having to resort to taking the mobile out of the pocket, just by turning the wrist. But without that vibration, it will be impossible to know what is happening on our mobile.

Ways to recover the vibration on the Mi Band

The Xiaomi Mi Band requires the adjustments of several parameters so that the system of our smartphone knows what to do together with the bracelet and the Mi Fit application linked to it. If any of these settings is not activated, it is very possible that the bracelet does not vibrate or only vibrates on certain occasions . To do this, the first thing we must do is follow the basic linking steps.

This process begins within the Mi Fit application, where we must access with our account to later touch on Profile. Once inside we have to touch on the trash in question where we want the notifications to arrive and the vibration works on the Xiaomi bracelet.

permisos mi band

The next thing will be to touch on the Application Alert section, that although we have already configured it sometime, it is possible that an update of the bracelet itself or the smartphone has ended up undoing the changes. If the notifications are not correctly configured, you will have to touch the upper arrow to give permission to access the notifications and later on Android it is also necessary to allow explicit access to Mi Fit in the list of apps.

The vibration problem on MIUI

If after having followed the configuration steps that we have shown before, the failures continue in Xiaomi phones, it is curious because MIUI is the one that generates more errors. In this case we have to tell the system to restart the app as many times as necessary.

mi fit ajustes

From the application settings menu, we must select My Fit to start with the system. This will prevent us from having to constantly open the app. In this way, the vibration and notifications will reach us all the time and without interruptions or with processes that we have to do so that we do not find faults.

Background setting

In other smartphones that do not integrate MIUI as their customization layer, the situation is similar but with a different solution. In this case what we have to do is mark the option “No restrictions” . We will find this within Settings> Applications and choosing My Fit. The solution that will allow any mobile to continue allowing the Mi Band to vibrate by itself.

Activate alerts

Within the Mi Fit application we must activate alerts for incoming calls and messages or notifications. If the option is not checked, the bracelet will never vibrate when this type of information is not entered. In the same way, Bluetooth must be connected at all times, since it is the only way to exchange information between the Mi Band 4 and our mobile.

mi fit ajustes

The error is in do not disturb mode

One of the most interesting novelties of the latest versions of the Mi Band is found in the sports bracelet itself. For a moment we are going to put aside the options to try to solve vibration failures with the Mi Fit app and we are going to focus on the bracelet, from which with the help of its touch screen we can do many things.

This process begins by sliding through the options of the bracelet until we reach the section called More. We enter that option and then we will click on the Do not disturb option, which what it does is avoid the vibration of all notifications or calls , it even does that for a time we will not see on the screen everything that reaches the mobile, not only ending with the vibration.

no molestar automático mi band 5

Although we have not made the change in this section, we may have accidentally made touches by changing the preferences and leading us to encounter this error. To solve it, the section will have to be reconfigured with the following options that it offers us:

  • Deactivate Do Not Disturb mode: it will allow the vibration to return to the bracelet and never fail us.
  • Automatic activation: the Mi Band will detect when we are lying down and / or sleeping to stop vibrating.
  • Do not disturb activated: we will stop receiving vibrations at all times.
  • Time (30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours): we choose a set time so that the alerts do not vibrate.
  • Personalize: we choose the hours that the bracelet will not notify us on a daily basis and it will not vibrate.

Then we have to send ourselves a message through the mobile of a friend or relative to check if this was the fault that was driving us crazy and for which the vibration did not work.

The solution if nothing works for us

If, after setting everything up on the bracelet, it still does not vibrate, many users have reported that simply unpairing the bracelet from the phone and re-linking it can work. A solution that may seem cumbersome, but it will not make us lose data from the bracelet, since all are stored in the Xiaomi account.

desvincular mi band 4

To do this we have to go to the Mi Fit application and select the profile icon at the top. Then click on Mi Band 4 to access the settings of the bracelet. In the lower options we will see “Unlink” that we must press. Once done, we restart our mobile, we turn off the bracelet and we will carry out the initial pairing process that we did back in the day. This should fix the vibration problem.