How to choose the best headphones for your mobile

Although the internal speakers of smartphones each time sound better and offer more professional results, they cannot be compared with what we will get through headphones. The union between cases and smartphones has become as common as it can be with the charger, an accessory for the smartphone that we practice without, we cannot live.

How to choose the best headphones for your mobile

There are many users who have serious doubts when buying headphones , because they do not know which option is the best for them and although we are not going to give a direct winner, we will know the keys to buy the best for each mobile and for each user. A guide with which we want to help you get the ideal option, since each user is different. The market has been plagued with so many headphones that we can feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Wired or wireless?

The first decision that we must resolve is whether we prefer headphones by the classic method, through the cable or on the contrary we prefer freedom of movement. With the latter we will rely on Bluetooth technology to be able to continue listening to music or podcast while we forget even where we have left the mobile phone. Both options are still widely accepted, although it is true that more and more people prefer to put aside the cables and go to the wireless side.

sonido auriculares Sony Xperia

Currently all or the vast majority of smartphones on the market have both connection systems for headphones, so we will not be limited in this regard. Only our criteria and references will play a game against this element.

What audio connector does the mobile have?

A new aspect in which to stop before making a purchase becomes even more important than the previous one. Once we are clear that we prefer wireless or cable, we will have to check their compatibility. In the case of preferring wireless headphones, we do not have to fear connection failures since all Bluetooth technologies are compatible with each other, it does not matter if we have Bluetooth 5.0, earlier or later versions.

iPhone 7 con conector Lightning y sin mini jack

The problem will appear if the cable is preferred for the connection with our mobile phone. In the case of the iPhone, we will need the headphones to have a Lightning input or we will have to resort to an adapter. We can find accessories that will help us to be able to use USB Type C or 3.5 mm Jack, but this already forces us to carry one worrying more with us to be able to enjoy the radio or podcasts.

However, in the case of Android terminals, more and more are those that only have USB Type C input, so this audio input at the end of the headphones will be essential. The mid-range or input-range terminals are the ones that continue to use the 3.5 mm audio jack input, with which most headphones are compatible.

Salida mini jack en smartphone Samsung

We will have to look at the bottom or top of the smartphone to find out about doubts and find an input that suits the needs, unless we want to always carry an adapter in our pocket.

Headphone style

An aspect that is easier to see with the naked eye and with which we may already have the decision made is based on the style of the headphones. There are infinite options for all tastes and colors, but we refer to the mechanism used to place them on our ears, being able to hear everything that amuses and entertains us with the smartphone. There are basically three options available, whether we have chosen wired or wireless, as well as the connector:

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  • Over-ear headphones: this first type of headphones are the most classic, those that are placed on the head and wrap the entire ear to offer a sound quality that is predominant by resonances. By vibrating inside the ear this advantage is achieved between the ear itself and the device.
  • On-ear headphones: in this case we find headphones that in many cases focus on sports, but we can use them at will. Its size is much smaller and allows us an advanced comfort that convinces many, avoiding both the first case of carrying a large device on our backs, and the next case.
  • In-ear headphones: the type of headphones for those who want to go unnoticed, those that are placed inside the ear and that due to their proximity offer advanced sound perception with a clean sound.

Autonomy and charging with the mobile

We cannot lose sight of the playability offered by the headphones, in recent times this has advanced by leaps and bounds, allowing us to squeeze the headphones for longer. Of course, most of us will choose those that have more capacity and therefore give us more hours of playback, but it is not the only thing we should look at, since the technology they use to charge them also takes center stage.

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In case of having a smartphone with wireless charging, the best we can do is buy headphones that support it. In this case, those who benefit from this are usually in-ear, but we are assured that they offer it. A charge that is not always the same, so you have to check what is the speed of wireless charging that they enjoy. So you just have to eye the mobile face down on the table and place our headphones on top in their small box to enjoy them in a matter of minutes without the need for a plug.

Other aspects to look at

Although they are more specific aspects, the frequency of the sounds must also be put in the spotlight, which can be summarized as the quality of the sound in a generalized way. This is measured in Hertz, which can range, for example, from 20 to 20,000 Hertz, the greater the range of actuation, the greater the frequency they will integrate.

Of course without overlooking noise cancellation, a technology that will avoid annoying noises while we want to enjoy what we listen to. Noise cancellations that are now adaptable and allow us to say what range of noise we can hear, so that for example if we are walking down the street we are not disturbed by the wind, but if we perceive the sound when a person speaks to us.