If OxygenOS 12 Comes into Existence, It Could Be Like This

OxygenOS 12 Comes into Existence

The doubt about the possible arrival or not of OxygenOS 12 does not stop growing. Not only because of the definitive merger between OPPO and OnePlus, but because China has begun to put this software layer aside to start implementing ColorOS. As it happened for the first time after the launch of the OnePlus 9 series. However, many optimistic users believe that it will remain in the global versions.

However, although they are practically the same. The truth is that the operating system of the Asian firm could go ahead. Or, at least, that is what the latest information points out. But, in the event that it finally arrives for models on the international market, they would be the functionalities and novelties that OxygenOS 12 would bring to OnePlus mobile devices.

The Features Everyone Wants for OxygenOS 12

It is clear that it may never come, and even more so after the union between both brands of smartphones. And the continuous growth that is being given to the OPPO software layer. However, Android 12 is just around the corner and the new version of the operating system developed by OnePlus could come with different news that its users will like.

colorOS oxygenOS

One of the most anticipated would become a more interactive user interface. With the launch of OxygenOS 11, it is true that the manufacturer has already begun to give small brushstrokes with its new changes. Although everyone hopes that it can be even more customizable and colorful than to date. In addition, after the announcement of having its own theme store, it is clear that the news will come with many changes. And, this theme store reminds us how other brands have also opted for this tool, such as Xiaomi and MIUI themes.

In addition, as a result of all the controversy arising from the supposed control that the brand’s mobile devices had with which they managed to limit the applications that were installed. With this new version of the OnePlus software layer , a function would be added with which to deactivate if this limitation is desired.

Another aspect that many wish is that the power saving mode of their mobile devices is even better. Although the company already has high-quality functionality on its smartphones, users hope to have an extra tool with which they can gain even more hours of autonomy. It is even expected to bring with it new features for its Always On Display , as well as more Canvas options and a totally revamped Gallery app. But, of course, everything will depend on whether it finally sees the light or not.