How to Fix: the Microsoft Store Install Button Grayed Out

The Windows 10 application store, the Microsoft Store, is gaining the trust of users and developers. More and more applications and games that we can find in this store, games that we can download and use on any computer or device with Windows 10 linked to our Outlook account. However, there are times that, without knowing why, this store gives problems to many users. And one of these problems is the one that makes the button to install applications and games appear gray. And it does not work.

There are a lot of reasons why the Microsoft Store may fail or store downloads are blocked . From a compatibility failure to a failure with an update, an unexpected crash, problems with dependencies and even an antivirus.

Install Button Grayed
Install Button Grayed

Therefore, in case of being affected by this error, we will explain the different ways we have to solve this problem so that the Microsoft Store works normally again.

How to fix the grayed button of the Microsoft Store in Windows 10

The first thing, if we have not done it yet, is to restart the computer. Due to the quick start of Windows 10, turning off and on is not the same as restarting, and in the long run it can make our computer not work perfectly. If we have not done a complete restart of the PC for a long time, we must start by restarting it and checking if this problem has been fixed.

In the event that after restarting the computer the Windows store still does not work, the next thing we must do is make sure we have the latest Windows Update updates installed, in addition to using the latest version of Windows. Using an old version may be the reason why this button is not available, because it is not compatible.

Another configuration that we must check on our computer has the Internet connection. We must ensure that our connection works normally and that there is no problem with either traffic or DNS. We must also verify that the firewall of our antivirus is not blocking any process from the Microsoft Store and, of course, ensure that we are not connected to a VPN that may be regionally limiting the download.

If it still does not work, another option is to reset the Windows Store settings to their default values. To do this, we will go to the section Settings> Applications> Applications and features and we will look there for the Microsoft Store, to enter the advanced configuration of the application.

We click on "Advanced options" and we can see the advanced configuration options of the Windows store. We go down to the bottom and we can see a button that allows us to reset all store data to their default values. Press the button and agree, the Windows store will already be as newly installed. And everything should work normally again.

Use problem solvers if you don't get the store to work

If after the previous checks we still do not get the store to work normally, then we must start using the tools to solve Windows problems.

In Settings> Update and security> Troubleshooting we can find the main problem solvers that Microsoft offers us. One of them allows us to analyze the correct functioning of the Windows store to detect and correct the most common problems.

If after trying all these configurations the Windows 10 Store still does not work properly it is clear that there is a problem with our operating system. Reinstalling Windows is undoubtedly the best and only option we have left for this store to work normally again.