Look for Love or Just Friendship, the Best Apps to Meet People

Do you want to meet people? Are you interested in making new friendships that may have similar tastes to yours? Or looking for a partner? Well, we come to recommend the best applications to meet people that you can install on your Android.

There are many apps for this purpose, in addition there are some with a clear purpose of finding a partner, while others are more destined to make friends. We recommend you different so that you find the one that best suits your needs.

Tinder - The classic to meet people

Many people associate apps to meet people in Tinder. And is not for less. With more than 30 billion users throughout the world, this popularity has been gained.

This app is designed to find a partner, but you can use it to meet people and make friends without problems.

The operation is simple, you will see the profile of a person, slide to the left if you are not interested and to the right if you are interested. If you are also interested in the other person, it is a match.

Meetic - To the point of looking for a partner

The next app on the list is MeeticThis app is designed entirely to find a partner, so if your idea is to make friends, this app is not for you.

But on the other hand, if you want to find a partner, this app is perfect for you. You can search for other singles in your area. And find love.

Meetup - Find people with your same interests

And if we don't want to find a partner, if not make new friends? Well we stop band Tinder, Meetic and these popular apps to flirt. Meetup is an app that will allow us to meet people with our same interests. Behind this app there is no intention to link, if not to find people with similar tastes.

But it is also designed to meet groups of people who share the same interest as you. Since you can search for events to do an activity. Isn't there an event to do what you want? You can create it.

Couchsurfing - Travel and meet people

If you like to travel and want to meet people from the place where you travel the best is CouchsurfingIn this app you will find people who are willing to share their house or flat with people like you in exchange for you talking and sharing your experiences. A great opportunity for travelers.

Lovoo - Instantly

Surely many of you know or sound like LovooIt is an app that allows you to search for people with the app around you. We talk about very short distances such as 100, 200 or 300 meters. You choose the distance range. Of course, keep in mind that although you can use this app to make friends, its main function is to find a partner.

MeetMe - To meet people near you


To make friends and meet people, another option is MeetMea fantastic app in which everyone can publish what they are looking for. That is: Do you want a partner to go by bike? to go for a run? Well, maybe you don't like sports or you already have partners for it ... To play role-playing perhaps, to go out to take pictures? It's the same, whatever it is you can surely find it on MeetMe.

MeetMe works by looking for people near you. It would be absurd to look for people to practice an activity and be far from you.

Badoo - Another classic dating apps

We return to dating apps with BadooBadoo was one of the first apps to appear. The operation is not different from other apps, but it does allow us to make video calls, there are verified profiles, live chats and above all, they always encourage honesty to be above all.

SKOUT - Meet new people wherever you are

The grace of SKOUT is that wherever you are, whether you are traveling or not, you can meet people. You just need to connect to SKOUT and search. Even if you want a partner to travel, you can also find it there.

Hobbiespot - The Instagram of meeting people

And finally, we have HobbiespotThis app is similar to Instagram in terms of operation. The structure is similar, but it is made so that you can share your hobbies by creating events or proposing plans for people who have the same hobbies as you. So, you can easily create a small community near you on your hobby.

And that's it. Have you tried some of these apps? Which one did you like the most? Would you add any?