Pokémon GO: Capture Your favorite Creatures in Real Life

We are not few who ’grew up' with a Game Boy in hand and the Pokémon cartridge inserted in its back. And from there we go to other Nintendo platforms, but we continue to enjoy the same creatures. Now we all have a mobile phone in our pocket, and the best game - of these -  that is available is  Pokémon GO . But why is it the best we can download?

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Actually there are many Pokémon games that we can download on Android, and very different between them. Of letters, type RPG ... but the most special of them all is Pokémon GO because it breaks with what was seen before to bet on augmented reality. That is, a mixture between our reality and that of the video game, a mixture thanks to which we can point our camera to any street and find it with a Pokémon of all that exist. But this in isolation would be for little, so let's delve into how the game works.

Enter the universe of Pokémon GO

The first thing we do is let the game know our location, this is basic and we'll see why later. We will create our account and we will only see a ’stickman' in the middle of a map that, indeed, resembles the place where we are really located, as if we had opened Google Maps and were ’dressed' as Pokémon. Indeed, the map indicates our real location. And as we move, this is how our 'monigote' will move.

On the map we will find marked points that can be Poképaradasbut we will also find other elements specifically marked as wild Pokémon that we can capture - with some skill - and the Gyms, the only place where - by the moment - the fighting takes place. These elements marked on the map are those that we have to take advantage of to advance in the game; we have to move in the real world to find all these points and thus be able to capture Pokémon, get objects like Pokéball themselves, and of course fight in the Gyms.

Everything you expect from the world of Pokémon, but reinvented

Until the arrival of Pokémon GO, we had seen the classic RPG, keeping the philosophy of the original titles intact, although taking history and generations of creatures further and, of course, improving key aspects such as graphics, mobility or gameplay. We had seen card collecting games with the same theme, also themed pinball games, games of taking photographs of Pokémon and some others focused solely and exclusively on combat, although with different formulas. Pokémon GO is different from almost everything.

It is the first and only Pokémon game based on augmented reality. This technology is what makes us have to move through the real world, but also that allows us to find wild Pokémon in the ’bushes' of the park next to our house, and we have to throw the Pokéball as if we did in the real world. In the rest, however, Pokémon GO maintains simplified RPG dyes, with almost infinite linear development.

The fighting is also important in Pokémon GO

Although at first it looks like a Pokémon collecting game, it is not so. In Pokémon GO the first steps are based on capturing creatures, which will surely be low level and common. But as we move, and get better objects, or going to special areas, we can get more atypical and higher-level creatures. This, of course, will make it easier for us to fight in gyms.

Gyms can be enemies, allies or neutral. We are from one side or another, so it depends on this. And we can contribute our grain of sand, fighting in these Gyms, to maintain the domain of the point of interest or get it, to obtain special rewards and, of course, to improve the level of our creatures or our level of experience. In all this, special events also play a key role, which are almost constant and give us access to faster hatching of eggs, greater frequency of appearance of certain objects, or greater probability of capturing certain Pokémon.