Finding a job using a free app to create your resume

If you’re looking for a job, you need a resume (or CV) that will really impress your prospective employer. A great way to create a professional-looking resume is with the help of apps, through which you can get a professional-looking resume for free in just a few steps.

If you plan to try to make your CV through an app , we recommend some of the best that we have found for this function.

Finding a job using a free app to create your resume

Resume CV Application

This app from the 23apps brand has everything you need to elegantly sum up your professional skills, training and work life for free.

This tool integrates many resume templates on which you can add your work experience, education level, degrees and anything else you want.

You can even customize their designs by changing the fonts and colors. Once you have created it, you will be able to save it as a PDF file. You can also share the Curriculum Vitae with other applications.

Curriculum Vitae PDF

Select from a wide variety of templates in Spanish or other languages and customize your resume to your liking, filling in your personal data by completing the sections contained in the template. Later, you can download your CV in PDF format and/or share it on your social networks, print it or deliver it in person.

Create new CVs or improve the CV that you already had stored in the app to modify them at any time with the fully customizable templates. You will have no problem if you want to correct any section to print it again.

Resume Builder & CV Maker

This app not only offers you designs and inspiration, but also guides you to create your resume so you can avoid mistakes when creating it, which could keep you from that dream job.

Through this application, in addition to designing a perfect CV, professional tips that you need to develop your confidence and turn job interviews into employment contracts are also integrated.


This app allows you to create a profile and manage up to 3 resumes using the same account. You can choose from different professional templates and customize the colors and fonts to make your CV unique.

These templates are not fixed, but you can change the sections that make up your resume and the app allows you to add free sections to give you the maximum level of customization.

Also, if you are looking for work internationally, Curriculify can automatically translate your resume into 26 different languages automatically.