Find Similar Websites in Chrome with Google Similar Pages

When we turn on the PC at the moment, in most cases one of the programs that we open in the first place is a browser like Chrome or Firefox . This is because we spend a good part of the day connected to the Internet doing all kinds of tasks.

Although browsing a multitude of websites is one of the most common practices, these applications already allow us to carry out many other tasks. From playing, to watching live television, playing multimedia content , or using applications in the cloud. However, especially when we are in work environments, such as the office, moving between websites is usual.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Perhaps the other modes of use are more made to spend our leisure time at home. Be that as it may, these browsers are prepared and designed to offer us everything necessary to give us the best service. With everything and with it, surely in the day to day we can think of many possible functions that we would include in the program. Precisely for this there are the increasingly used extensions that we add to browsers.

Thanks to these small add-ons, the functionality of Chrome or Firefox, among others, increases substantially, as we have seen so many times. These refer to sections as important as security, functionality, or utility of these applications. Well, in these lines we are going to talk about an extension that will surely be very useful for you. In fact, we are going to show you a proposal that, once installed, shows us similar websites to the one we are at that moment.

Undoubtedly, this will help us a lot in the case that we dedicate ourselves to browse pages of different themes in search of certain information, for example. As a general rule, we know several websites of some subject that interest us, but it will never hurt to access other similar ones. In addition, thanks to this complement, the previous “investigation” is already done by itself.

Find websites similar to the one you visit with this Chrome extension

This will save us a good amount of time, so if we like the website where we are, Google Similar Pages will show us similar ones. This is also something that is going to be especially interesting if we are doing some research work.

In this way, once we have downloaded and installed the extension, we can preview and explore directly other pages similar to the one we are visiting. This is achieved through the icon next to the navigation bar. Therefore, in order to get the most out of all this, it is enough that we navigate to the web we know in advance, and click on that icon. Then a window will appear on the screen with other similar Internet sites without having to do anything else.

Actually, what the extension does internally is to send a search query to Google to locate the pages similar to the one we are seeing. Thus, all we have to do next is to click on one of the shortcuts to those similar sites that will appear.