WAToolkit: a Must Have Extension if You Use WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has become one of the essential messaging applications in the daily life of users. This messaging client is designed to be used from smartphones, and one of the main drawbacks we have when using it is that, if we want to write from a PC, we do not have a specific client for this purpose.

Although WhatsApp developers recently launched WhatsApp Web, this is nothing more than a very limited bridge that depends on our mobile phone to send and receive messages. If we use this web version often, the WAToolkit extension helps us get more out of it.

WhatsApp Web

WAToolkit is a totally free and open source extension for Google Chrome created in Spain in order to improve the functions and features of WhatsApp Web. This extension integrates perfectly into the Google browser and, from it, takes control of the WhatsApp web client to allow users to more comfortably use this platform.

WAToolkit features

One of the features of this extension is that it is responsible for showing us notifications whenever we receive a message even when we do not have WhatsApp Web open and running. The extension is responsible for always being connected to our smartphone so that, upon receiving a message, it is immediately replicated on our computer. And with one click we can go directly to the conversation.

Another novelty of this extension is the new icon that you enable in the Chrome extension bar. This new icon allows us to open WhatsApp Web simply by clicking on it. In addition, it also allows us to see a preview of the unread messages that we have simply by placing the mouse on this button.

Surely it has ever happened to us that, having an instance of WhatsApp Web open in the browser, we have reopened another window of this client. The new window takes over the functions and the previous one is open but without any use. WAToolkit also ends these problems and guarantees that we will only have one page open at the same time.

How to download this extension for WhatsApp Web

This extension is very light and consumes very few resources, something that is often appreciated. Its download is totally free, and we can install it in our browser directly from the Chrome Store:

Once installed we can see how a new button has appeared to the right of the address bar. With it we will be able to directly open WhatsApp Web to access our chats. In addition, we will also be able to see the number of unread messages and a preview of them.

Obviously, this extension has its own configuration options. Within the WhatsApp Web page, to the right of our photo, we can see the WAToolkit icon. If we click on it, we can see the two main options of the program:

  • Notifications in the background, even when we have WhatsApp Web closed.
  • Activate wide text to be able to read messages better.

If we often use WhatsApp Web, WAToolkit is certainly an extension that should not be missing in our Google Chrome browser.