Edit and Make Videos in MP4 Format with Movie Maker Online

It is very possible that if only a few years ago we had been told what we can do today with a conventional PC in multimedia environments with video editing , we would not have believed it. The truth is that technology has advanced a lot in this regard, as we have seen.

When we talk about multimedia environments, we refer to projects related to photography , video or music files. In fact, in the current times, with almost any PC, we can make adjustments to our images, or edit videos without too many complications. It is true that only a few years ago these treatments were limited to a few professionals, but things have changed a lot.

Movie Maker
Movie Maker

Much of the blame for all this is the application developers, who make things easier for us, at least in domestic environments. To this we must add that many of these tools, working in the cloud, will not need as many resources of the team as before. This is the case of the solution for the edition of homemade videos that we are going to talk about in these lines.

Specifically it is Movie Maker Online , a simple free proposal that works from the web browser. As we say, it is actually a simple video editor in the form of a web application that will help us to "play" with our personal projects. Thus, the first thing we will do is upload the content in question to the platform as such.

How to get the most out of the Movie Maker Online video editor

It is true that the initial interface that presents us can be somewhat confusing, but it is enough that we drag the multimedia content at the beginning of it to upload it. The upload process may take a while, it will all depend on the size of the file, so that we can go to the work desk.

Movie Maker Online
Movie Maker Online

One of the strong points of the web application is that it offers us the possibility to work with several additional elements to the video. So, we can add elements such as texts, music, transitions, etc. All this we see cataloged in the different sections that make up the main interface of the platform. Of course, it may take a while to get used to the operation of the timeline in this case.

We tell you this because we are used to it being horizontal, however in this case its operation is horizontal, which can be somewhat curious. The rest of the components and behaviors are more or less the same as other proposals. To the timeline to which the video has already been added, we add the components and modifications we want.

Thus, on the left side we see that we can add music that we select from our disk drives, or on the right we can integrate custom texts. However, at the same time we recommend you scroll down on the screen to see the rest of the available functions. Here we will see a good amount of options to apply to the videos that we can touch up so that it adapts to our needs. We can also add new video components to the project to work with all of them together.