Find out with your iPhone if someone has blocked you

You are probably already very clear about how to block a contact from your iPhone, but are you so clear about knowing if someone did the same to you? Although it is not difficult to find out, it can be confusing at times, but there are methods by which to find out. Whether having blocked your number for calls or through the most popular messaging apps, here we tell you how you can find out.

Know if your calls have been restricted

Find out with your iPhone if someone has blocked you

Maybe someone might think that to find out if they have blocked you, you just have to call that person and ask. It is not a bad method at all, although it is not very discreet and of course completely ineffective if that person is preventing the reception of your calls. If when you call that person you suspect and are given a message warning that they cannot receive calls, do not worry, since the reason is that they have canceled that number or the company has restricted incoming calls for non-payment or some other reason.

What will definitely let you know if he blocked you is that when you call him, he is always communicating . In other words, the famous “beep beep” of the signal always sounds constantly every time you call that person. The normal thing is that when this rings it is because the other person is already on another call, but if you have tried numerous times and in different time slots obtaining the same result, there is no doubt that they blocked you.

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And in iMessage, WhatsApp and Telegram?

Messaging apps, so useful at times and with so many headaches at other times, also allow you to block any message that comes from your username or phone number. As far as Apple‘s messaging service is concerned, you will know it through what was explained above for calls and that is that if it blocked your number for messages, it also did it for these. If you also do not find the possibility of sending him a message using the blue bubble feature, there is more evidence, although keep in mind that he may have simply changed his Apple ID or stopped using it.

In WhatsApp there is no choice but to resort to the classics and that is that if you do not see any contact information (profile photo, information, status, last time online) it is likely that you have been blocked, although it is not safe. It may be that he simply does not have you saved in contacts or has decided to hide all his information, so sending him a message will help you clarify the facts. If the double check appears (either gray or blue) there is no doubt that you are not blocked.

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In Telegram you can know if elements such as those described for WhatsApp disappear at the same time that only a tick appears when sending a message. Although the most common in these cases is that the chat disappears completely, without any possibility of finding that contact, either through their phone number or through their username.