The 10 cheapest Apple products you can buy

Going to an Apple Store and going out with a bag will cost you at least 10 euros . Not because of the bag itself, of course, but because of what you buy. That’s the minimum price for what Apple sells. Obviously it will not be an iPhone or a Mac, but an accessory that is sometimes necessary. We review here the TOP 10 of Apple’s cheapest products at the end of this 2021.

Of course, only counting accessories from Apple itself and not counting those that, although functionally the same, are manufactured by third parties and sold in their stores.

The 10 cheapest Apple products you can buy

Cheapest Apple products ending 2021

Cables, straps, cases, adapters … Even the popular AirTags are among the cheapest you can buy at Apple. Here we leave you the complete list:

  • 10. – 49 euros
    • Solo Loop Strap for Apple Watch
    • Sport Loop Band for Apple Watch
    • Sport Nike strap for Apple Watch
  • 9. – 45 euros
    • USB-C to SD card reader adapter
    • Silicone cases for iPhone 11
  • 8. – 39 euros
    • Lightning to Jack Cable
    • Silicone case for iPhone SE (2nd gen.)
  • 7. – 35 euros
    • AirTag
    • AirTag strap
    • Ethernet to Thunderbolt adapter
    • Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter
    • Lightning to USB-A cable (2m)
    • Lighting to USB-C cable (2m)
  • 6. – 29.95 euros
    • Beats RemoteTalk Cable

Accesorios iPhone Agosto

  • 5. – 29 euros
    • Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
  • 4. – 25 euros
    • Cleaning Cloth
    • Tips for Apple Pencil
    • Lightning to USB-C cable (1m)
    • USB-C to USB-C cable (1m)
    • Lightning to USB-A cable (1m)
    • Extension cord for power adapter (1 m)
    • 12W USB-A power adapter
    • 5W USB power adapter
    • 20W USB-C power adapter
    • USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • 3. – 19.95 euros
    • Beats audio cable
  • 2. – 19 euros
    • EarPods
  • 1. – 10 euros
    • MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter
    • Jack to Lightning adapter
    • Jack to USB-C adapter

And by product line, which ones are cheaper?

Obviously, these accessories highlighted above are not the main attraction of Apple, but it is its electronic devices that attract the most attention. Below we show you the list, ordered from highest to lowest price, of what you can buy in its main product lines.

  • Mac:
    • Mac mini (M1): from 799 euros
  • iPhone:
    • iPhone SE (2nd gen.): from 489 euros
  • iPad:
    • iPad (9th gen.): from 379 euros

homepod mini

  • Apple Watch:
    • Apple Watch Series 3: from 219 euros
  • Apple TV:
    • Apple TV HD: 159 euros
  • AirPods:
    • AirPods (2nd gen.): 149 euros
  • HomePod:
    • HomePod mini: 99 euros

Therefore, if in general you want to leave an Apple Store without spending a lot, MagSafe consumers or jack adapters are the best option, although they will be of little use if you do not have any of those equipment with which they are compatible. And if you want to go out the big door with a device in good condition, the HomePod mini is the cheapest of Apple and that, curiously, costs the same as a braided Solo Loop strap for Apple Watch. Apple’s prices are always controversial and in this case they leave us some curiosities such as the views.