How to Find Files Instantly in Windows 10 with MasterSeeker

Microsoft's operating system , Windows 10, by default implements a powerful content search function on the computer . In fact, this has improved significantly in the latest versions of the system.

However, it sometimes does not stop convincing everyone, so they look for other third-party alternatives. In the past we have already shown you some programs that focus on this type of tasks, we talk about the search for all types of data stored on the computer. That is why in these lines we are going to talk about a powerful proposal that will help you in all this.

Search Files
Search Files

Specifically we refer to the program called MasterSeeker , a free application that you can download from this link and that can be very interesting. In addition, in principle it should be noted that, as we say it does not cost a single euro, it barely consumes system resources, and takes up very little space. It is also important to know that when we start it, the first thing the program does is cache the PC data, something that takes a few seconds.

The truth is that one of its most favorable points is the little time it uses in this process. In this way, once the PC units have been indexed, we will see the program interface on the screen. This is quite simple as well as intuitive, and has some resemblance to that of Windows File Explorer. At the same time in the upper part of the window we find a search bar that is the one we use to carry out them. In fact, it is here that we enter the terms or the keyword to search for files.

How could it be otherwise, at the bottom is where the results obtained from this search will be placed. Therefore, it is easy to intuit that its basic operation is quite simple for everyone.

MasterSeeker, an application to search files quickly

Therefore, to get the most out of the task of locating files, we simply have to write the name of the file we are looking for. Then the results will appear instantly, in fact we will see them in real time as we write.

Search Tool
Search Tool

We must emphasize that the effectiveness and speed with which the search is carried out is surprising, since the appearance of results is immediate. To this we must add that the changes we make are updated in the indexing file also in real time. This includes the new files that we create, download, edit or delete.

At the same time, at the top of the interface we find two more fields that will help us narrow down the searches in terms of directories, or size of the results. Likewise, by clicking on the arrow icon in the search box, we can indicate that the case is ignored. Here we also find two check boxes that can be checked or not to search for files and folders.

Get the most out of this search app for Windows

We can also use the delete and update buttons of the terms we have indicated to do the searches. If we click on the next button, we represent a gear; we will also have the possibility to tell the program to run when Windows starts. That is especially useful if we consider that we are talking about a portable application that does not even need to be installed on the PC.

To make your operation as comfortable as possible, we can sort the results by name, size, or disk path. For this, all we have to do is click on the corresponding field once the localized results are being viewed. We also have the possibility to right-click on any folder to see what it contains, to copy the file, its name, the path of the hard disk, or to see its properties.

Due to all the comments, as we can see, this is a very useful and efficient tool to search for folders or files in Windows. It also attracts a lot of attention, both its simple user interface, and the speed with which it carries out the process.