Review: zzPaint, a Powerful Alternative to Paint

In the current market we have at our disposal several tools focused on the photographic edition . There are more advanced or more basic ones, but the truth is that most of them cover the needs of domestic users.

Of course, many opt for utilities of the power of Photoshop, or others more affordable as or GIMP. These are excellent image editing programs, but it is also true that they may have some complexity for some. And it is that in the times that run many seek simplicity in this type of tasks, without more. And without looking for complications.

New Paint App
New Paint App

Therefore, in this case we are going to talk about a tool that we could say that combines functionality with simplicity, we refer to zzPaint. This is a proposal that you can download from this link where we will find the download link of the app as such. One thing that we can highlight here is that it is a portable proposal, so we will not need to install it on the computer.

It is also an application complete enough while simple to be valid for most users. Therefore, it becomes a perfect proposal for all those who need a quick and simple image editor. To all this we must add that, being portable, we can use it whenever we need it and anywhere. So, in order to start using it in principle we must download the corresponding file, unzip it, and then execute the program file that we are going to find.

How to get the most out of the zzPaint application

It is worth mentioning that all the adjustments we make in the application are stored in the same folder of the same, in an INI file. It is also worth noting that we are going to find a simple and easy to understand user interface. Initially we find a menu bar located at the top, and two toolbars, one on each side of the main window.

If necessary and if we see that any of these is not necessary, we can close it to have a larger main workspace. In addition, with this we gain in simplicity when using zzPaint. On the left side we find basic editing functions such as the usual brushes, the shapes that we can apply, the color treatment, the insertion of texts, etc.

On the other hand, the right bar is limited to letting us customize aspects related to the sources that we are going to use in the photo editing tasks. At the same time, we can use some interesting tools from the top menu of the interface, such as inverting colors or resizing photos, all from the "Tools" menu. To say that the images we deal with here can be saved in the most common formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG or BMP.

Likewise, the program presents basic and commonly used functions such as a color picker or eyedropper tool, line functions, rectangle, polygon, etc. Regarding the use of texts from zzPaint, we can use it in photos loaded using different styles and custom font colors from the right panel mentioned. In addition, to work more comfortably, we have the possibility to open multiple images and display them in cascade screen, for example.

Therefore, it follows that we are faced with an excellent alternative in case you need to use a quick and simple program for photo editing. It can also be used on any device without installation due to its portable nature. It offers most of the most used functions in this type of tasks by most users, but, for example, it does not allow work with layers that already include many other basic alternatives of this type.