How to Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts on Mac, iPhone

When we start using a new iPhone and start introducing all our accounts from iCloud, Google, Outlook ... a very annoying problem can be presented in our contacts agenda. Normally in each of these services we keep a copy of our phone book and when we synchronize them and if we are not very careful, we can meet with repeated contacts two or three times.

It is possible to think that in this situation we must go through contact by contact to eliminate the duplicate, something that can be a job that nobody wants to do, but there is a very simple way to eliminate these duplicate contacts from our iPhone. In this article we tell you in detail how you can search and delete these contacts from the Mac.

It's that easy to delete repeated contacts on the iPhone and Mac

From Apple they thought about this situation and that is why they implemented a tool in the application of 'Contacts' in macOS. In this agenda we have a reflection of all the contacts we see in our iPhone and that is why everything we do in this Mac application will be instantly reflected in the iPhone.

If you want to remove duplicate contacts from the iPhone you must follow the following steps:

  • On the Mac, open the 'Contacts' application. We recommend you previously make a backup of the contacts.
  • In the top toolbar we will follow the path Card> Search for duplicates. 
  • In the notice that comes with all duplicate cards we must click on 'Merge'. 
  • Repeat the above steps as many times as necessary until no duplicate contact is detected.

In this simple way we make sure we don't have duplicate contacts on our iPhone that can be so annoying to the eye and can also create confusion. This macOS tool also merges cards from the same contact that we have separately. For example, if we have a card with the name of 'Pepe' and a telephone number, and another card also in the name of 'Pepe' and an email, both information can be merged into a joint card.

We believe that this process can be very interesting if, unfortunately, when you are configuring a new team, you export the contacts calendar from several online services. It is true that we believe that contact cards need a deep face wash to make them much more visual but tools like these are very well thought out for this problem that can cause more than a small crisis in people with OCD.

Leave us in the comment box what you think in this way to eliminate repeated contacts on the iPhone.