DataNumen Backup: Program to Make Backup Copies

Usually on our computer we tend to save everything from important files. Whether they are personal documents, work files, photos and videos from our vacations … Therefore, it is important that we always have a backup available, so that we can have these vital files backed up so that we can recover them if necessary. To carry out this work, we can use a free tool called DataNumen Backup , which we will talk about next.

As an electronic device, our computer is never safe from possible mishaps that may cause the loss of all our data. Whether by infection with malware that can encrypt, corrupt or delete our data, or human errors that can cause the loss of any file in an unwanted way. Therefore, it seems almost essential to use a good backup program to back up all files and folders that may be of great importance.

DataNumen Backup: Program to Make Backup Copies

Backup and backup for all types of users

DataNumen Backup is a powerful application with which we can back up our most important files , being protected against any inconvenience that may arise. If necessary, we can also use this tool to restore previously made backups , so that we can always have our most important files available.

Main features

  • Support for file and directory backup.
  • Supports full, incremental, and differential backup methods.
  • Supports multiple backup profiles.
  • Allows you to back up multiple sources at the same time.

Once we run DataNumen Backup we find its main menu that presents a minimalist interface , which, although it is in English, is not difficult to get used to. In the main window we will find the elementary functions of the application on the right side. From here we can create a new profile, modify a profile, delete a profile or delete everything.

Create a profile and make your backup easily

To start we must click on the Create profile button and a window will appear where we must specify all the required information so that we can create our first backup. To do this, we must provide a name, a method for backup (full, differential or incremental), a storage folder, the desired level of compression and the amount of additional free space. From the Add Directory button, we can add all the folders and files on which we want to make the backup.

DataNumen Backup menú principal

Once we have filled in all the data that will be part of our backup, we will click on OK, and we will see how our new profile has been created correctly, appearing in the list on the main panel . The program is capable of storing all the profiles that we create, so we will not need to create a single profile to save all of our data, but we can do it by ourselves. For example, we can create a profile for work documents, another profile for photos, etc.

DataNumen Backup creando nuevo perfil

In the event that we want to delete a specific profile, it will be as easy as selecting and clicking Remove Profile . If we want to modify it to add new files or delete some of the existing ones, click on Modify profile . If we want to delete all the profiles we have created, we can do it by clicking on Remove All .

To start making our backup, all you have to do is mark the desired profile and click on the Start Backup button . Then the process will begin, which will take more or less depending on the number of files and the total volume of occupation. At the bottom of the screen it will inform us of both the time consumed and the estimated time remaining for completion. Once finished, it will show us a poster informing us that the process has ended.

DataNumen Backup copia completada

Easily restore our most precious files

As we have mentioned, the program will be in charge of storing and displaying on your main screen all the profiles that we have created. However, in case you need to restore the files or directories, the application will only show us those recovery sources that are available. In addition, we can specify if we want to extract the files in a specific directory or the one that we established by default when performing the backup. For this we will click on the Start Restore tab.

DataNumen Backup restaurar copia

Download DataNumen Backup

DataNumen Backup is a backup tool that we can download for free from its website , provided it is for non-professional personal use. We downloaded a file that weighs just over 6 MB and installs quickly, without trying to install additional unwanted software. Its latest available version is v1.6 , from June 3, 2020 , so it has good support from the developer.

In case we want to use this program in a professional way, we will have to pay for its license. The price varies depending on the number of devices in which we are going to install it, starting from $ 49.95 for a license.


Despite the fact that DataNumen Backup is a good option to make and restore backups, here are a couple of alternatives, in case we need slightly more complete programs with a greater variety of options.

AOMEI Backupper

This application will not be very useful to create backup copies of all our files, disks and partitions. We will also be able to clone partitions and discs, as well as the possibility of creating bootable discs in optical state drives such as DVD or USB. AOMEI Backupper has a free version that we can download from its website . It also has two paid versions, which we can buy from 39.99 euros if we want to have all its features in full.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

This tool will help us to make backup copies of both individual files and partitions, as well as clone disks. All files can be recovered both individually and completely. This application will also allow its restoration in case of need. We can download EaseUS Todo Backup Free for free from its official website.