Features to Improve Windows Microsoft Store: 4 Useful Tricks

Any operating system worth its salt needs an application store according to it, something that also happens with Windows 10 . Here, in the most used desktop system in the world, we find the Microsoft Store.

This integrated store is one of the big bets of the firm based in Redmond, but its success is not as expected at first. And it is that both the store itself, and the UWP applications that it presents to us, on many occasions cause rejection. But with everything and with it, this is a project that Windows developers cannot abandon.

Features to Improve Windows Microsoft Store

Therefore, what they do little by little, is to improve the operation of this section based on updates that bring improvements and new functions . In fact, there are users who work with the system on a daily basis, but who have not accessed the store for months. That is why it is possible that at this time they are completely unaware of some of the advantages that it offers us.

We tell you all this because then we will talk about a series of functions and tricks that you may not know about this Windows store. These elements will help us to value the Microsoft Store a little more and even start using it in a more common way.

Automatic Updates

The first thing to know is that we have the possibility to configure this Windows store so that the maintenance of the UWPs is automatic. With this, what we want to say is that we will not have to worry about the updates that we download and install from here. This is something that we achieve from the Downloads and updates menu option.

Actualizar store Windows

Configure payment options

Changing the third, to say that how could it be otherwise, this official Windows store offers us all kinds of content, some paid and others free. Here we find programs, games, movies , etc. Therefore, if we opt for paid content, the store itself presents us with a function so that we can manage the payment methods available in our Microsoft account.

This is something that we find in the menu option called Payment options, although first the credentials to access your own Microsoft account are requested.

Redeem codes

At the same time and in order to facilitate purchases here, we also have the possibility of purchasing gift cards or discount codes. In the same way, we can give these elements to other Windows users to buy games, movies or programs in the system’s official Store .

Código store

Manage Windows Library

On the other hand, the store itself offers us a section from which we can manage all the UWP applications that we have installed on the PC . The striking thing about this is that we will not only do it with the ones installed at this moment, but we can also do it with the ones that we installed at the time and already deleted. Therefore, if necessary, from the menu option called My Library, we can reinstall those programs that we delete but need again, with a couple of mouse clicks.