Enhance Your Smart TV with These LED Lights to Decorate Your Living Room

No one can deny that Smart TVs with Philips Ambilight technology make a difference by incorporating LED strips on the back for a unique immersive feeling.

We are talking about a lighting system that achieves a surprising setting. And we already anticipate that, once you try this technology, you will always want it on your television. But what if you don’t have a Philips model with Ambilight technology?

Enhance Your Smart TV with These LED Lights

LED strips simulate Ambilight with great results

Well, you can get an alternative to this technology from Philips. To do this, you just need some LED strips that are installed behind your television to achieve a surprising effect. The basis of this lighting system is that it projects lights of colors similar to that of the content that is being reproduced on the Smart TV. For this they use different software algorithms that achieve impressive results.

It must be taken into account that, in order to enjoy 100% of this technology, the room where the Smart TV is installed must have little or no lighting. And considering that any TV is compatible, your purchase is well worth it. More than anything because, even if you don’t have a Philips model, you can enjoy the advantages that this technology offers.

Tecnología Ambilight de Philips

Different options to illuminate your television

Keep in mind that within the world of LED strips, we have three options to consider. We can pay more and bet on a Philips product , which guarantees a very complete experience. The price skyrockets, since in addition to the LED strip, you need a gadget that is responsible for controlling that the LED lights light up depending on the content of the screen, but the result is simply perfect.

Without a doubt, the best option if you don’t want to heat your head with complex installations. If you want to save money without losing a bit of functionality, it is best to look for an alternative that is in charge of processing the signal of the image that is reproduced on the screen of your Smart TV , so that it indicates to the LED strips the color range they should offer.

There are a good number of options, such as Ambivision Pro or DreamScreen, although the ideal would be to have a miniPC next to your Smart TV so that, using free software, it processes the entire signal so that the LED strips light up correctly. A bit of a complex system to install if you don’t have any computer skills, but with a little effort and lots of YouTube tutorials, you can get a surprisingly good lighting system.

Although, you still do not want problems and you are looking to give your television a different touch without great difficulties. Don’t worry, we’ve also thought about this option, so you’ll find very cheap LED strips capable of offering 6500k white light . We say exactly this level of lighting, since it is recommended by the film industry, which guarantees the best experience.

Finally, and before leaving you with our top where you will find the best LED strips that you can buy to enjoy a Smart TV with Ambilight effect without having to buy a Philips TV, it should be noted that the vast majority of models that we have selected for you are compatible with leading voice assistants.

Thanks to this, you can use both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to activate or deactivate the lights depending on your needs. Are you going to watch a soccer game? You still want the LED strips to light up in a light green tone. So do not hesitate to bet on the different options that we are going to recommend.

Philips Hue

Philips Hue

The first option that we want to recommend is the Philips family of LED strips. The way to get your TV to enjoy Ambilight technology with the best result achieved. As we have indicated before, its price is higher than that of other solutions, but the effect and the feeling of immersion achieved make it worth your purchase. You will not be disappointed at all.

Lifx Z-TV Light Bulb

Tiras led Lifx

Second, we have this powerful model. A series of LED strips that offer one height results. Highlight its inclined lighting system so you can relieve eye strain. And for the price it has, it is an almost mandatory purchase.

Yeelight LED Lightstrip Plus

Yeelight LED Lightstrip Plus

Within the huge catalog of Xiaomi products, we find some very interesting surprises. Like this 10 meter LED strip
Yeelight LED Lightstrip Plus that promises results to match the most demanding users. And its takedown price makes it a very worth considering.

Heron Smarthome

Garza Smarthome-

You may be surprised by the inclusion of this model, as it has been designed for use outdoors. But is that the
Garza Smarthome, is a very complete LED strip that you can perfectly place on your Smart TV and control it with your mobile.

Wi-Fi Lumary LED Strips

Wi-Fi Tiras LED Lumary

Without a doubt, the model with the best value for money. Lumary is a benchmark in the sector, so you will see several LED strips perfect for your Smart TV in our compilation. And beware, this model is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant so that you can activate them through voice commands.

Wi-Fi RGB LED Strip Alexa Lumary

Wi-Fi Tira LED RGB Alexa

Another model very similar to the previous one, and that also has 5 meters of LED strip so you can use it in all kinds of devices. Its 16 million colors will surprise you by creating a unique visual landscape that will be the envy of your friends.

LE 5M 24W

LE 5M 24W

If you are looking for an easy-to-use LED strip system that you can control from your mobile phone, this model from the LE firm will more than meet your expectations. And it comes with a remote control!

Wifi 3M Led Strip Rgb TV with Usb

Wifi 3M Tira led Rgb TV con Usb

Continuing with this compilation with the best LED lights for your Smart TV, we did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend this model from the firm Maxcio, another great reference in the sector.

Gosund USB Wifi Led Strip

Gosund Tira Led Wifi USB

And what about this model, a set of knockdown price LED strips that will allow you to enjoy Ambilight technology on your Smart TV even if your TV is not a compatible Philips model.

3M KNMY Wifi LED Strips

Tiras LED Wifi 3M KNMY

We close this top with an LED strip from KNMY. A very economical product, but it will more than meet your expectations if you have a small budget and do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy this technology.